How Dads Can Help With Baby’s Development? Tips for Dad to Bond with Newborn

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Dads play an imperative role in baby development. It is a common refrain amongst health practitioners across the globe.This is the reason why you will find new-age fathers being more and more involved with their newborns. In fact, there are many studies that maintain that fathers who are more concerned about their child’s overall development raise healthier and happier kids. Moreover, changing times have established that fathers are now spending three times more time than earlier generations. Thus, many fathers want to learn effective ways to contribute to their baby’s development. Well, if you are also a new dad or about to become a parent, you need some tips and tricks which can help you in this regard. Read on to learn about the newborn advice for dads to bond with baby.

How Dad can Help with Newborns Development

Read following 5 ways for Dad to bond with Baby

1. Keep The Baby Close To Your Body

You may often observe that when a mother is breastfeeding her baby, she keeps him close to her body. Moreover, she will make sure that she maintains eye contact with the newborn. When you are given the responsibility of bottle feeding the baby, make sure that you also repeat the same actions that your partner indulges in. This would help you in bond with the newborn. When you hold the baby in this position, he will be able to gaze up at you and recognize your features, expression and voice modulation. The recognition pattern will contribute significantly towards baby development. The skin to skin closeness will create an unshakeable lifelong bond.

2. Take Your Babies For A Walk

Babies love going for walks in the fresh air. The reason being that it gives them a feeling of independence. Thus, when you take this responsibility of taking them for walks, they are more likely to bond better with you. Also, dads can contribute towards forming the babies’ socializing habits through these walks. Take a carrier or a sling which will help you in keeping the baby safe close to you.

3. Baby Massages Help!

Baby massages are imperative for their overall body growth. These massages done in the right way can are known to have a positive effect on the baby’s weight and height growth. Moreover, babies respond really well to personal touch. Thus, you can take it upon yourself to give a soothing massage to the newborn and gel in well with him.

4. Have A Special Play Time

Every child loves to have playtime, and dads can use this time to make them learn about new things. Set aside some time to enjoy a play routine with your baby. During these play sessions, you can make him learn about different small things, which can help him to grow well.

5. Take On That Night Shift

Well, sleepless nights are a common aspect of parenthood, especially when you have a newborn around. However, you can help your partner while taking up the night shift o tending to the little ones. In fact, become the rescuer of the night time when the baby cries. However, make sure that you have enough feeding bottles for the late nights. Also, this alone time spent together will definitely help you in getting close to your baby.

The times have gone when dealing with a child’s development was only a mother’s duty. Being a dad, you also need to take out some time to contribute towards their development. There are many health practitioners who can advise you on what steps to take in this regard.

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