How parental influence affects academic performance?

By Komal|2 - 3 mins read| October 09, 2023

There is no denying that the student’s success depends on various factors such as study habits, abilities, school attendance, and more. However, people often overlook one of the major aspects of their child’s growth in the academic outcome and that is parental involvement. From efficiently managing homework to the ability to focus on academic performance, parent involvement influences everything in the life of students. 

For children’s development, parental involvement makes a huge difference. But, how or in which form it could affect academic performance? Of course, both home-based and school-based parent involvement is important for developing children’s positive attitude towards learning that ultimately results in increasing their chances of success in life. 

Let’s have a look at how parental influence affects academic performance to understand the concept better: 

Make Sure the Resources Are Available 

For any student, resources play a vital role in their academic journey. And there is no denying that parents are the only option children have when it comes to getting access to the required resources for success in school. These resources include books, technology, educational equipment, or games that help them develop a love for learning new skills and influence the academic outcome in an optimum way. 


It is extremely important for both parents and students to communicate regularly. Not only the child but parents should keep communicating with the teachers in school to keep track of their progress. If parents have no clue about the performance of their children, they would be less likely to get involved. Certainly, regular communication has a positive effect on the student’s academic progress. 

Interactive Homework Assignment 

Home assignments that bring parents and children together can be of great assistance. The interactive homework assignments don’t just help children to get parents involved but also seem necessary to have an understanding of the concept of education. This will also encourage students to have a positive attitude toward learning. 

Create Supportive Environment 

Creating a supportive environment is the most important thing that you might find helpful in increasing academic results. Parents can create a supportive environment at home that helps students to manage their stress and improve their academic performance. Make sure you value their desire and courage for learning new things instead of expecting perfection in everything. This will surely help the child to stay motivated and perform better. 

Volunteer Opportunities 

Volunteer opportunities should be generated by the school. When parents have volunteer opportunities, they can help their children out in the classroom or in any learning activities. Whether it is a school fest or a school field trip, parents will grab the opportunity to visit their child’s school to help them out with learning and encourage them to do well. This way, helping the children to perform better and improve their academic results can be possible. 

With the aim of seeking success for the children, parents and teachers together should make the best possible efforts in the veil of creating better learning opportunities. This way parents get encouraged to promote learning and ensure enhanced academic outcomes for their children.

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