How to Build Confidence in Your Child | 7 Tips to Build Confidence in Kids

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A confident child with a measure of self-esteem is what all parents aspire for. Building a child’s confidence is a process, and not a one day job. Effective parenting can help make your child confident. Simple but powerful actions can help you do so. The task starts from early childhood or even infancy.

How to Build Confidence in Kids?

Children are naturally curious and friendly. It is a good idea to build on these traits to boost your child’s confidence. The lack of self-confidence in a child is common if your child is shy or average in academics and sports. But, it is well known that average children can do wonders when groomed in the right manner.

Here are 7 tips to help build self confidence in your child:

  • You love your baby unconditionally, but is she aware of that? Always be vocal about your love. Love your little one unconditionally. Once your child knows that you will be there to support her through thick and thin, she will gain confidence.
  • It is advisable to start young. You can start boosting your child’s confidence as young as six months of age. Encourage the baby when she does something you guide her to do. Children understand appreciation from a very young age. Praise in a genuine way as the child grows up as fake praise often builds over confidence which is an undesirable trait. Children who are appreciated are often more self-confident than other children who are not!
  • It is important that your child takes up a sport. It teaches your child recognize their strengths and identify their weaknesses. Their friend circle increases and so does their social skills. Sports help your child to be fit, and fit children are often very confident. They have a positive body image.
  • Help your child find a passion and encourage her to pursue it. It should generally not interfere with normal activities. Being good at a hobby is a good way to gain confidence.
  • You should be careful to set rules that are age appropriate. Try and give as much freedom as you deem fit. Do not hesitate to be strict about the adherence to your rules. Following a routine and rules give the child a sense of security which translates into confidence.
  • Help your child set realistic goals. It is very crucial that she can achieve her goals to gain confidence. If goals are broken down into achievable short term and long term goals, your child feels a sense of accomplishment once she masters a goal. This is perhaps the most comprehensive answer to how to boost self confidence in a child.
  • A child learns by imitating. Love your own self and take pride in your accomplishments. Explain to the child how you worked towards that skill and how your child can do it too.

The child needs to be taught how to mingle and form meaningful relationships. Strong inter-personal skills make for a confident child. Children who are confident almost always come from families that are close knit. It is vital that your child does not come running to you every time there is an issue. Children need to be independent and assertive to be confident. These skills will hold your kid in good stead all through her life. Help her be confident and see her win all her battles with a smile on her face.

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