How To Choose A Baby Name

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Helpful Things To Remember When You’re Selecting A Name For Your Baby. Everything about having a baby is extremely important since it will affect the rest of their lives. Perhaps the greatest of all is your baby’s name. It is surprising how much thought you need to put into selecting the right baby name. Here are five important things to keep in mind when you set out to name your baby.  You can also find name for your baby boy or Baby girl using our Baby Name Finder or know about Top 10 Popular Baby Names in India.

How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your Baby

Some important tips and tools to help you choose a baby name for your newborn boy or girl.

Heritage and Context

One of the things that would naturally occur to any parent is to examine the traditions related to naming a baby. If you follow a particular religion, it must have its own guidelines to help you with choosing a baby name. Another thing you can do is to name your child after a god or deity of your religion. Explore Baby names based on Religion or Origin.

There’s one drawback to this method that you must be wary of. Traditional baby naming methods may drive you towards picking traditional baby names. It’s a great idea to go traditional, any day. But remember that your child might prefer to have a name that belongs in his or her generation. A great tip is to combine both and choose a traditional name that can be shortened into a modern-sounding name.


The first bunch of names that come to your mind will most probably be the names of people you know. Thanks to this, there will be memories and emotions associated with those names in your life. Be sure to consider the full implications of naming your child after someone you know.

Multiple factors come into play here. If you name your child after someone you admire, the name may bring you to expect great things from your child. Great expectations are okay, but they should be based on their abilities and not their names. Another pitfall with inspired baby names is that you might fall out with whoever inspired your baby’s name. Keep these things in mind when you pick a baby name for your child.

Baby Names And Uniqueness

Most parents would love to pick absolutely unique baby names for their children. Unique names make people stand out, and while this can be great, it may also be unwelcome. A number of problems come with having unique names though.

If your child’s name is extremely uncommon, it might be difficult for people to recall it. So here’s what you can do – if your surname is uncommon, stick to a name that’s easy to recall. If you have a common surname, though, feel free to get very creative with your child’s name. The idea is that the common part of the name should help people recall the uncommon part. The other issue is that most people are highly likely to mispronounce or misspell an uncommon baby name. This can get especially bad if it happens with important official paperwork.

Names That Don’t Belong

What if you like a name that doesn’t fit into your child’s last name or the context of your culture? Don’t give up on it just yet. A recent trend is to use this as your baby’s middle name. It may even happen that the name you like doesn’t match up to the traditional baby naming method prevalent in your community. If you love a baby name that doesn’t work for whatever reason, make it a middle name!

Baby Name Quiz

Last but not the least, remember to ask yourself the following questions about the name or names that you like.

  1. What exactly does it mean?
  2. Will it suit your son or daughter when they’re 50 years old?
  3. Will it sound outdated or otherwise weird in comparison to the names of their peers?
  4. Are your child’s initials with that name going to be an unpleasant word or acronym?

When you have the answers to these, you’ll know if you have picked the right name for your baby. Remember that the ultimate decision on what your kid will be called is entirely yours. Don’t allow anyone to make this decision for you. It will most probably be one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever take.

Baby Name Finder and Tools

You can use the online list of Baby names where you can find the baby names based on meaning, religion, origin and language. You can also use it to identify baby names similar to your other child or your use it to shortlist baby names which you can email to yourself.

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