How to Create a Calm Down Corner for Kids

By Nisha Baheti|2 - 3 mins read| July 10, 2024

Anxiety and stress in children are now as common as in adults. Almost 30 percent of kids feel stressed, as per a report released by the American Association of Pediatrics. Exploring new things, catching up on milestones, being overloaded with homework, and other everyday tasks often make it difficult for kids to deal with them almost regularly.

In fact, everyone goes through such days, adults and kids alike, where nothing seems right. When it comes to kids, from bullying to low grades, restless sleep, feeling disliked, busy schedules, or parental separation, many reasons can intimidate them.

Creating a calm-down corner for kids at home can be a fantastic idea to help your kids relax during tough days and keep their minds refreshed.

Ways to Create a Calm Down Corner for Kids

Read this article to find out how you can create a calm space for your kids.

Pick The Perfect Spot

Selection of the perfect spot for creating a calm-down space is the ultimate necessity. Look for a place in your home that is quiet, has some windows, and has low traffic where your kid can feel safe and at peace. It can be either at a cozy corner of your child’s bedroom or a secret space below the staircase. Make sure the room has enough natural light entering it, with a few soft lights to leave a soothing and refreshing impact on the mind.

Intrigue The Senses

Visuals and sensory tools are just a small aspect but have a strong impact by soothing. You can place some cushiony pillows and soft blankets to help your kid focus on his energy. Besides, you can also place a lavender oil diffuser or an indoor fountain. This is because aromas and visuals provide additional relaxation to your child’s mind.

Emotional Expression

Emotional expression is one of the most significant aspects of understanding and processing one’s feelings. Let them journal their feelings in their personal diary; use flashcards or emotion charts to visualize their emotions and communicate them easily. You can even try a feeling thermometer, where they can mark whether they are cool and energized or sunny. And when the feelings are too hot, maybe some ice cream and a few extra hugs would work too!


Mindfulness activities are best when it comes to calming and soothing the mind. Gift him his “breathing buddy”—cuddly, yes, but might not be so relaxing, yet can be a great companion as a cuddle buddy and a focus tool. A few yoga poses in the morning will keep your child relaxed throughout the day.

No Gadgets

Sometimes, staying away from screens is all that you need. Instead, stay back and relax amongst nature and the pleasant sounds of rain, chirping birds, and ocean waves. So make sure the calm-down corner of your home says no to all gadgets. 

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