How to discipline your child without scaring them?

By Priyanka A|3 - 4 mins read| February 13, 2024

Looking at the word “discipline”, it gives a very negative feeling in general. When we say “discipline your child” we mean, teaching your child habits and manners that will help them shape their life positively and in a manner acceptable in the society they live in. Youth is the future of the nation. It is on to them lies the responsibility of the success of the nation. Shaping them into responsible citizen is the responsibility of every parent and in the process to do so it is important that we enforce good habits in the children right from the very beginning. So, how to discipline your child without scaring them off? and How to introduce Discipline to Kids – When and How Do You Start?

More often than not parents use reprimands as one of the tools to discipline their child and end up scaring their child. They sacrifice their relationship with the children in order to discipline them. They use fear to keep their children’s action in control. But these may not be the way to go when it comes to reinforcing positive behaviours in your child.

Read this article to know more about how to discipline your child without affecting your relationship with them.


More often than not parents come to a conclusion even before hearing out the child’s side of story. No matter how much damage they might have caused or have done a terribly mischievous act but still parents should make it a point to listen to them and understand their side of the story too. This will make the children listen and understand the point that we are trying to make.


Talk to them why certain rules and regulations are imposed to them before directing it. Sit them down and explain why it is necessary that they follow the rules and should be serious about it. Once they understand your point and realise your efforts they are bound to behave in the manner they are supposed to. So next time before asking your kid to behave like you would want them, explain them the reason


Forgive your child! To err is to human! After all they are children they are bound to make mistakes. Don’t be too harsh on them. We all make mistakes but what’s important is that we learn from it. Make it a point to forgive them. But while you do so, explain it to them what they did was wrong and tell them about the consequences of their action. This might prevent them from making the same mistakes again. Shouting at them or using punishments may encourage them to do it again the next time as a way to get back to you and this vicious cycle may go on and on.


Kids after committing a mistake tend to lie there part in it. They fear from parent’s wrath and end up lying which is yet again a habit discouraged. So what should be done in such a case? Children lie because of fear. So the best way to go about this can be to remove this fear and by being polite to the child. In the process they might acknowledge their fault and may even feel guilty about lying to you.


Reward positive habits and manners exhibited by your child. This will encourage your child to behave in an equally good way in future. Rewarding them can develop positive attitude in children but the extent of rewarding them should be understood by parents and hence children should be rewarded on occasions when they were not expected of a good behaviour

So go discipline your child the healthy way!

All the best!

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