How to Get Your Kids to Stop Touching their Faces

By Himanshi Arora|2 - 3 mins read| July 05, 2023

Coronavirus or COVID-19 cases are continuously increasing all over the world. But you all know that the best way to get rid of Coronavirus is to wash your hands properly with soap or sanitizer and don’t touch your face especially eyes, nose and mouth. According to research, we generally touch our face 16 times in an hour. Kids also have a bad habit to put fingers in their nose and ears.

6 Ways to Get Your Kids to Stop Touching their Faces

1. Put paper cones on their fingers

Make some small paper cones and put them on their fingers. So, whenever they will touch the face with their hands, the paper cones will remind them of not touching it. In starting, it will irritate them in doing other work also but in some days, they become used to it.

2. Put some bitter ingredient on their fingers

Put some Neem, Bitter gourd, Aloe Vera or any other bitter ingredient on their fingers so that whenever they put it in their mouth, they’ll feel some bad taste and take it out. But make sure don’t put these items in much quantity and also they’ll not touch their eyes because it can cause irritation.

3. Point out when they’re doing it

Parents can help their kids become more aware of their face touching by simply pointing them out. This is also helpful for the whole family. They can play a game with their kids that those who will first touch their face will be out of the game. Through this game, kids will take more interest in getting a reward and avoid touching their face.

4. Have tissues on hand

Always have a packet of tissue with your child. It allows them to blow their nose, sneeze and itch their face after covering their hands with the tissue. It will reduce the direct contact between the hands and the face and avoid germs to enter their body.

5. Put some cream on their face

Put the cream in more quantity on their face so that when they touch it’ll remind them of not touching it. Once the cream gets absorbed on the face, put some more. Through this, the habit of touching the face will get reduce. 

6. Keep hair out of their faces

Kids touch their faces to wipe stray hair from their faces. So make sure that the hair is trimmed or properly tied with a band to prevent them from falling on the face. If no hair come on their face, the urge to touch them will reduce.

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