How to Keep the Kids Busy during Social Distancing

By Abbas|3 - 4 mins read| March 24, 2023

Since the Coronavirus outbreak has sparked all over the world within a short period, it has created chaos and panic everywhere. So far, no proper vaccination has been made in any nation to refrain from this pandemic virus, but it can be prevented through cure, staying healthy, and safe. It is advisable for every city and country that until there is no lockdown, the best we can do is to maintain a social distance in the city.

What does Social Distancing mean?

Whenever a society faces any pandemic, which spreads rapidly for a particular time, the best way is to develop creating distances with the society through avoiding social gatherings, going to markets and malls, working from home, avoiding schools, institutes and tuitions for kids. In short, it means keeping your family members at home for a specific time. This is the safest way that helps in slowing down the spread of any rapid disease.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak is on a high, and social distancing is the least that as a civilized and responsible citizen we can do, there are specific things to do with kids during coronavirus pandemic at home to make them feel relax and safe.

Fun Things to do while Social Distancing at Home

Moreso, finding positives in everything that happens around us, this is the ideal time to spend quality time along with your kids and family at home that may help in gaining a better child-parent relationship and compatibility.

Cook with your Kids

This is the right time you can cook and learn new recipes that may be loved by your kids. Also, indulge your kids with your cooking arrangements by assigning small tasks to them so that it can develop their interest in it. You can make different types of smoothies, cakes, pancakes, and snacks.

Do Physical Activities

Even if you are distancing socially and keeping yourself aloof from society, you need to stay fit mentally and physically both to combat any uncertain situation. Practising yoga and other stretching workouts at home with your kids prove useful, and it can give your child a good time to learn these activities which they might skip during normal days due to their academic stress.

Read at Home

To utilize this time with a positive outcome, you can make specific times in a day to do a reading by indulging yourself into it. In this activity, you can read different stories available on online portals and also make your child read one story of their choice so that it can boost their reading skills as well. This may induce them to develop reading and listening skills with joy and fun at home.

Have an Indoor Picnic

You might have organized outdoor picnics in your earlier times, but as of now, to utilize the time by making your kids occupied, safe and happy, arranging an indoor picnic would double the craze for kids. You can choose any specific room, hall, or terrace for this picnic where you can include different homemade snacks, smoothies, juices, and other relevant recipes of your kid’s choice.

Science and Technology Activities

There are ample of free science experiments you can learn through online sites. It is a good time to experiment with those ideas, which can make your child learn and enjoy both at once.

Organize a Dance Party

Dancing with the family is always a fun activity at home. You can organize a dance party in which you can assign the job of DJ to your kid to enhance their joy and interest.

Do craftwork

Children are always fond of craft activities as creative works are perpetually their main attraction. You can make them learn different crafts and artworks through online sites also. It is one of the best activities at home with your kids, which may get then indulge with interest.

Follow Social Distancing practices! Stay Healthy ! Stay Safe

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