Returning to Work After Maternity Leave: Tips on How To Prepare Your Baby To Adjust To End Of Maternity Leave

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Most of the mothers today are working. Either they are self-employed, run their business, or are working for someone else. In the former two cases, they can smartly manage their time and work. However, it’s working mothers like you, who face the problem. Working for someone else comes with its set of challenges. It is a difficult task preparing baby as your maternity leave ends. You have to handle your own emotions, and your baby’s as well. It is a tremendous task. You will feel sad to leave your baby with someone else. However, there are several monetary issues that women handle, and it is equally important. It is that career you worked hard for all these years. Saying a goodbye to your hard work is difficult. You will feel guilty as well, for leaving your baby behind.

Preparing Baby As Your Maternity Leave Ends

Returning to Work After Maternity Leave, 5 Ways to Make It as Painless for you and baby

  • You have got to prepare a new routine for yourself. Just rushing off to work every morning will not help you. You need to pack all the baby’s belongings separately, pack baby food, medicines, and toiletries in separate bags and the leave for office. Your nanny or a day-care person needs to be briefed about the whole day.
  • You can also take your baby to your workplace, to make him feel what place it is like. You can thus, mix your worlds a bit. Your colleagues will also start sympathizing with you and may help you even more.
  • Do rehearse your morning routine. Moreover, it is the most difficult part of the day to manage. So, you have to sort it from day one itself.
  • Try to schedule your re-entry into work mid-week, so that the weekend is near. You will get some time to think over it and manage it.
  • Look for work-from-home options if possible. Even if it’s not or a full week, you can devote some time to it. It will help you and your baby get accustomed to the work culture.

Tips For Returning To Work After Maternity Leave

Your baby is your most important asset. Your baby will not take it in good light if you abandon it all of a sudden and stay away for long stretch of hours. You can look for pumping options. Freeze the pumped milk and keep it properly labelled. Read through various milk-storage guidelines. You can introduce these alternatives to your baby before you leave for work full-time.

You can also find out day-care options for your baby. They should fit your budget and also your heart. You cannot just leave your baby with anyone. Practice a bit. Make your baby understand that you will come back after a short time.

A Blessing In Disguise

Create a support group around your home, with mothers, mothers-in-law, and other family members. Make them understand, that they have to provide you support in bringing up the baby. It is also, not your sole responsibility. Make them understand that part.

In spite of so much practice, your first day at work will not be exceptional, you will feel as if you are missing out on something. You will feel guilty for having left your baby back home. Motherhood is a blessing in disguise and you have to enjoy it. So, stop straining your mind and find out some creative ways to utilize the time. The main part of solving the issue is mental preparation. Do it in the best possible manner. If you can accomplish that, everything will fall into place. Make your baby realize that as well. Only, when both of you are comfortable, can this arrangement be a successful one.

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