How To Raise LGBTQ Child? 

By Samridhi|2 - 3 mins read| December 05, 2023

Numerous LGBTQ kids often recall the mixed feelings of people due to their sexual orientation. Likewise, they also understand the importance of their surrounding environment and society—in supporting them or making their childhood terrible. As a parent, we portray an essential character in their child’s life, filling them with great love and support. It may or may not be the case for LGBTQ kids. 

It is a notable fact that LGBTQ kids undergo abuse, harassment, and low self-esteem at various moments in their lives. However, studies have shown that such kids with supportive families have shown positive outcomes. 

According to the Human Rights Campaign Report 2017, nearly 24 percent of LGBTQ youth in the United States can easily live in their truest identity in their homes. Though raising an LGBTQ child may come with a lot of challenges, with certain suggestions, you can make your parenting journey much simpler. 

Read below to find out three helpful tips that will aid you in raising your kid in a happy environment and letting them be accepted as a part of the community. 

Culminate Supportive Environment At Home 

Breaking out the truth in front of their parents may be the most challenging part for an LGBTQ kid. As a parent, you don’t need to be knowledgeable about each and everything related to the community to show your kid that you care. Studies show that LGBTQ youth who grow up in a loving and supportive environment turn out to be healthier and happier adults. Furthermore, highlighting the differences with better understanding can make a significant difference in making your kid feel more comfortable speaking openly at home. 

Not Reinforcing Typical Stereotypes 

We grew up hearing that girl play with dolls while boys play with toy cars. Likewise, while girls dress up pretty, boys are usually asked to play football. Additionally, girls are encouraged to be sensitive, while boys are traditionally encouraged to be strong. However, gender should not have any relation with feelings, toys, activities, etc. By not reinforcing stereotypes from childhood, you will help your child accept themself as whatever they are. 

Encouraging Conversations With Your Kids 

Initiating conversations need not necessarily be from your kid’s end. Though challenging it may seem, there are plenty of ideas to talk about indirectly on sensitive topics. Simultaneously, it is essential to understand that you should not look for ways to change or hide things. Just celebrate your kid’s existence and adore them for whatever they are. Furthermore, it is crucial to keep a check if your kid is being targeted by bullies. You need to track down their behavioral and disciplinary changes, lower grades, reduced engagement, etc. Thus, it is important to encourage daily conversation with your kid. 


While discrimination towards the LGBTQ community is still in existence, several initiatives and people’s participation is thriving towards making the world a better place for such kids. The first initiative starts as a parent—accept and support your child as they are and that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Finally, there’s nothing wrong with being different

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