How to Stop Your Child from Breaking Toys?

By Kanika Gautam|3 - 4 mins read| March 22, 2023

You are out shopping for essential items along with your kid. When you cross the toys section, your child is not ready to budge from that aisle. 

What do you do? Sometimes you win, but most of the time, it is your child who wins. Okay! So you buy him a toy to avoid a tantrum and save time. However, after a couple of days, you find that the same toy is shattered into pieces. Huh!! 

You begin to wonder if that is the same toy your child had set his heart on? You begin to be judgmental and focus on aspects of child destructive behavior. Should you stop giving child breaking toys to your kid? Is ‘toddler object throwing’ and ‘child destructive behavior’ the same thing? Are you over-reacting, or is your concern in place? Let us address your worries.

Toddler Object Throwing

Do you find yourself getting upset with toddler object throwing? Well, you should not be. Your child is only trying to interact with you. You will observe that your kid giggles each time. Child psychology explains that children between the age group of 18 months and three years find it entertaining to indulge in ‘toddler object throwing’ phenomena. Furthermore, throwing objects is a process of play and learn. Your little one is learning the theory of cause and effect. 

Moreover, throwing objects help them to develop their fine motor skills. So, play along with your child.

Child Breaking Toys

With a limited budget, you try to manage the affairs of your house. However, it may become irritating when you find that your child engages in breaking new and expensive toys. Before you shout, try to find out the hidden meaning behind your child breaking toys. 

Children love to explore. Once they play with the toy, they begin to search for a new purpose. They are inquisitive by nature. Thus, to satisfy their curiosity, they tend to look into the functioning of the toy they played. The child will soon outgrow this habit once they quench their thirst for knowledge.

Child Destructive Behavior

How will you come to know when toddler throwing objects and child breaking toys is transforming into child destructive behavior? 

The expression and the attitude of your child will reveal if he or she is encountering behavioral disorders. If your child is throwing temper tantrums along with objects, then it becomes a matter of concern. If your kid is breaking toys in a rage of anger, then you may need to worry about child destructive behavior.

How to Stop Your Child from Breaking Toys?

It is futile to explain to a one-year-old not to throw or break toys. However, there is no harm in trying. Here are some ways to wean a toddler from throwing an object, and a child from breaking toys.

  • It would be a good idea to strike a deal with your kid before buying a toy that he or she would not break it.
  • You may buy toys which are not breakable, such as a ball, a basketball set, etc. which they can throw and fetch on their own.

Children are attention seekers. You are their only trustworthy companion at this age. 

  • They will love it if you take out time to play with them or entertain them.
  • You may also buy more outdoor games so that your kid learns to play in a team, and inculcate the quality of sportsmanship.
  • From the perspective of children, being a kid is not an easy job. They have their share of struggle. Spend time with them and understand their difficulties.

Be your child’s best friend and see the magic work.

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