Innovative Ways to deal with your child’s boredom

By Pushpa Joshi|4 - 5 mins read| March 22, 2023

There is no sight as dreadful as a bored child. It is hard for even parents to see that there is not enough in store to keep the child entertained or occupied. However, boredom is what you make of it. Only if we restrict children to do things they want to do, we see a sight of them having absolutely nothing to do. But, there are many ways in which you can engage the children, that too happily. So below are a few innovative ways to keep your children engaged and shoo boredom away:

10 Innovative Ways to help, get rid of boredom in children

1. Let them wash your car

Children love doing chores involving automobiles, cleaning and playing with water and soap. With strict instructions of how much soap they can use, not to play too much with the cleaning chemical and using water wisely, the kids can be handed over with the cleaning responsibility. They feel like grown ups and well you get a clean car.

2. Dance Party

We are so engrossed in our phones and social media that we ignore the fun things around us. Dancing is one of such bliss that can be pursued through music. Dance helps your child express himself/herself. So, get the kids in your neighborhood together and have a dance party. Get your kid in a habit of dancing as it is a good way to keep them busy, moving and tired.

3. Tents and Forts

We underestimate the ways in which we can put old bed sheets to use. Build your kids a tent or a fort. Before you know, they will read, dance, play and eat in their tents all day long. Use pillows, blankets and make them cushiony corners in your home. They will have a sense of belongingness to their fort, and you might not even be invited in there.

4. Obstacle Courses

Prepare a physical obstacle course with the help of steel glasses. Spread the glasses in a haphazard manner and ask them to cross those hurdles. Some background music would help in pumping up their spirit for the same.

5. Lego/ Puzzle or Scavenger Hunt

Hide parts of legos in different part of the home and leave hints through chits. Its better when the kid has siblings as they get competitive in the process. It does involve a tiny bit of effort when you lay the foundation of the game. Then, you can be relaxed while he/they search for their legos or missing puzzle pieces.

6. Play contest

If there are a good number of children, they can be separated in groups and asked to prepare plays. The simplicity of the plays can depend upon their age. It makes them imaginative and provokes thinking.

7. “When I grow up” poster

You can ask your kids to draw up and cut out a poster about what they want to be when they grow up. Give them some magazines, glue, colors and glitter (at your risk) and ask them to go bonkers with it.

8. Slime pass time

Creating and playing with slime is an efficient way to pass your children’s time. It is a time taking exercise as long as you let your kids create it from the scratch. Just prepare their slime set up with all things required and they can pass time creating the squishiest, effortlessly flexible slime. The best part, you can attain cathartic benefit from squishing the slime so created.

9. Baking

Children like helping out, especially if it is creating or baking cookies and cakes. Involve them in the dough mixing and whisking. You can have helping hands plus they are more enticed by the outcome.

10. Write letter to soldier/Grandparents/Santa

This exercise helps in their letter writing etiquettes. Ask them to write letters to their grandparents or a soldier or Santa, with a promise of posting it. They can write about their feelings towards them and frankly anything that comes to their mind.

We actually have made our children so dependent upon external modes of entertainment in form of gadgets, TV shows, etc. that a time devoid of these entertainment pleasures is boring for them. There are many things that the children can do; they just need your inputs in those activities. So, don’t let the dark clouds of boredom hover over your children, and the above innovative ways will surely ensure that.

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