Inspiration for Baby Names: 5 Categories to Look At

By Harita Patil|3 - 4 mins read| March 24, 2023

The most emotional and thought-provoking activity that every couple goes through when they become parents is perhaps naming their baby. The baby’s name is a permanent fixture in its life and needs special attention. Do remember that your little bundle of joy should find meaning and joy in his/her name for a lifetime.

Indian culture has a rich history of naming children with tangible meaning. As parents, you want to name your children thoughtfully. There are five major categories under which you can proceed to choose the perfect baby names.

The five categories of Indian baby names

There are five main categories that divide Indian baby names. Parents research on these to find the name of their little one. The broad criterion under which this activity is divided is as follows:

Names based on Gender

The gender of the baby is obviously the first thing that determines the search. Names for boys and girls are distinctly different in every culture and ethnicity. Gender-specific names play an important role in the choice. There are modern names that can be used universally.

Some popular names for boys are Aakash, Aarav, Vibhor, Rakesh, and so on. Girls are named Arushi, Brinda, Vaishali, Manasvi, and so on. The names which are edgy and can fit both sexes are popular as gender neutrality has gained acceptance. Some names that fall in this sub-category are Ashu, Arya, Kanak, Kiran, Navneet, and so on.

Sanskrit Based Names

Sanskrit based names are again gaining new popularity amongst the Indian diaspora. As the parents become aware of our ancient traditions’ significance, the search for roots is often the determining factor in choosing a name. Sanskrit names are easy on the ear and have meaningful connotations.

Many parents believe that the baby’s name will influence its disposition and future too. Some popular and beautiful Sanskrit names for girls are Ambika, Charu, Veena, Priyamvada, and so on. Some popular Sanskrit names for boys are Jalaj, Neeraj, Nachiketa, Indra, and so forth.

Names based on Religion

Religion, too, is an integral decision influencer when parents choose a name for their munchkin. Hindu names like Ganesh, Mahesh, Raghav, Krishna, and Lakshmi are chosen as they depict God. Muslims choose according to the Quran and prefer names like Ammar, Aliya, Aftab, which have a divine connotation. The other communities also choose similarly. You can find baby names based on religion using SchoolMyKids Baby Name Finder

Names based on Nature and Meanings

Names based on nature are also common. Flowers, trees, the sun, moon, and other symbolic names are gaining in numbers. Prakriti, Kamal, Surya, Dhara, Pallav are some examples.

Names based on Emotions

The Indians are an emotional lot. Many names are symbolic of emotion. The most popular ones are Bhavna, Asha, Shradha, Bhakti, Shakti, and many more.

Names are like symbols of love, hope, and prayer. Every parent chooses them with a lot of care and affection. It is a labour of love to go through millions of names and choose one that defines the feeling you want your child to carry throughout his/her life.

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