Is My Toddler Ready For Potty Training?

By Suchita Arora|3 - 4 mins read| March 13, 2023

Tips To Help You Figure Out When To Start Toilet Training Your Child. Potty training toddlers often tends to be an intimidating task for first-time parents. Not only is it challenging to actually train the child, but it is also critical to potty train at the right age. Every child has a unique pattern of growth, so they will become ready to be toilet trained at different times in their lives. Here are some signs of potty training readiness to watch out for when you’re planning to potty train your child.

Ideal Age for Potty Training

Normally, children become ready to use the toilet after they’ve learned to walk and talk. Once they start communicating with the people around them, you should start looking out for signs of potty training readiness. However, talking and toilet training are not related to each other. This is just the normal sequence of child development stages and is likely to happen at any time between two and three years of age.

Discomfort with Diapers

The first and most obvious sign of potty training readiness is your child’s visible discomfort with the diapers they’re wearing. If your toddler is pulling at his or her diaper, changing the brand may not be the required solution. Children pull at their diapers when they feel uncomfortable about the pee or poop remaining in contact with their bodies.

Telling You When They Need To Go

Potty training toddlers becomes much easier when they start feeling aware of their bodies and the actions of peeing and pooping. This usually means they understand to some degree that they can control when to go and when to stop themselves. The ability to hold it in till they get to the loo is crucial for toilet training. If your toddler tells you when he or she needs to go, is going, or has just gone, take it as a signal to start training your toddler to use the toilet.

Dry Diapers and Predictable Timing

Babies need diapers because their muscles are not strong enough to control urinary or bowel movements. When their bodies develop this ability, your toddler’s diaper will be clean and dry for longer than usual and also through naps. You may notice that their bowel movements happen at roughly the same time every day. Potty training readiness is more physical than mental, so this is the best sign that your toddler can be toilet trained.

Hiding and the Need for Privacy

People seek privacy while using the toilet. It is a natural human tendency to want to be beyond other people’s sight. If your toddler tries to hide while peeing or pooping even within their diaper, that is a sure sign that your little one can now start learning how to use the toilet.

It is important for children to be toilet trained at the specific time when they show these signs. Psychological studies suggest that children must cross critical developmental milestones at specific ages to ensure healthy child development. If not done at the right time, potty training toddlers can become very difficult for both, the child and the parents. If you think your child is ready, find out how to potty train your toddler in a week or less.

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