Brace Yourself- These are the Latest Baby Names that are going to be Trending!

By Editorial Team|3 - 4 mins read| April 09, 2024

Just like the trending hashtags and tweets on social media, there are a bunch of baby names that are going to be some of the most trending ones. Don’t be surprised, because we are living in an era where trend matters, we all want something that’s impressive attractive and always trendy and the same goes for the baby names too. You can use The ParentZ Baby Name Finder to find the perfect name for your baby.

Are you one of those parents or family members who have gone through all the best websites and social media suggestions to find out some of the very unique names? Well, here is something we have in our fanny pack for you. Since India is a culturally diverse nation there is no dearth of beautiful names, many parents go up on various platforms to analyse the kind of names that will be best suited for their kids or the ones that are unique and trending, and after a keen observation, we prepared a list of those names.

Latest Baby Names that are going to be Trending

Be it for girls names or boys names, we have got you covered, so let’s begin with our recommendations:

  1. Ahaan- Morning Rays
  2. Aarush- Someone who is Calm, Brilliant, or First Ray.
  3. Abhik- The Lord of Sky
  4. Amaira- Something that’s Beautiful Forever
  5. Anaisha- Something that’s Special
  6. Adah- Something Full of Grace
  7. Aashi- A Beautiful Smile
  8. Adya- First
  9. Amna- Refers to Peace & Safety
  10. Bhavya- Someone Splendid
  11. Bhuvi- Refers to Heaven, Earth, Bliss and Land
  12. Bhavin- To exist or Winner
  13. Carter- A Lamp
  14. Chinmay- Lord Ganesha
  15. Chayan- Preference over Another
  16. Chahat- Longed and Desired by Many
  17. Chesta- Desire
  18. Charvi- Beautiful Lady
  19. Dhwani- The essence of Sound and Music
  20. DIVIT- Conquerer of death
  21. DHIR- Quality of Perseverance
  22. Gina- Refers to Powerful Woman
  23. Ganika – Flower
  24. GITALI- Melodious songs and music.
  25. GRAHISH: Master of Planets
  26. Ila – From the Island, Moonlight
  27. Ishanvi- The Goddess Parvati
  28. Kaia- Stability
  29. KIARA- Modern name for a girl having jet Black Hair
  30. Keya- Refers to Flower
  31. KIAAN- A King or Ancient or Generations
  32. JIVIKA: A Source of Life
  33. Jivaj- Full of Life
  34. JAGRITI- Someone who awakens all the minds
  35. NAKSH: Stands for Moon
  36. Liyan- Cute
  37. REYANSH- Ray of Light
  38. Tavish- Someone who is strong and Energetic
  39. Tanika- Refers to Rope
  40. Urvi- Rare name refers to mother Earth
  41. Yajvan- Calm and Beautiful
  42. Zora- A Daybreak
  43. Zhyan- Full of Knowledge

These recommendations are also highly inspired by the expectations and preferences parents have, a lot of people prefer shorter names for their kids, some prefer longer ones. Few parents also consider international aspects as they can be pronounced easily.

Some families also consider astrological, numerological, and spiritual aspects while giving a name. So, while preparing this list of names, we did try to consider the cultural, geographical, religious and emotional aspects. Though you must rest assured that these are some of the trending baby names of the decade and are highly preferred by parents for their little ones. We hope you like them and if you do, do share them with others. Because we think trends are for everyone.

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