Making The Most Of Parental Leave: Building Meaningful Connections With Your Kids

By Komal|3 - 4 mins read| October 11, 2023

Nowadays, parents have been limited to struggling with routine housekeeping activities, from tidying up the house to going to work, struggling with the kids, doing laundry, and paying bills. However, as life gets busy, in this struggle, parents have started to give a little less focus on building a robust connection with their kids. Thus, parental leave has turned out to be a significant way for parents to develop strong bonds with their children. 

Whether you’re a new mom or a dad, this guide will offer you the right insights to help you build deep and significant connections with your loved ones. Read below to discover seven tips on how you can make the most out of parental leave. 

Always Present and Active

One of the essential aspects of getting started with parental leave is to be energetic and active when you are with your kids. Furthermore, keep away all digital distractions, such as mobile phones, tablets, or laptops, to ensure uninterrupted quality time with your young ones. Moreover, pay interest to their hobbies, ideas, and opinions to create a supportive and nurturing environment to make your kids feel valued and that you understand them.

Establish Routines and Rituals

It’s equally important to set up routines and rituals for your kids as it will help promote balance in life and an experience of emotional well-being and protection. Plan out a daily or weekly schedule and include daily household chores, such as sharing a meal, reading a storybook, or going on a walk. These activities not only help create a budding bond between the parent and child but also create a long-lasting memory and rituals that your little ones elevate into adulthood. 

Quality Over Quantity

Yes, you read it right! Spending extra time does not necessarily means you are making the most of your parental leave. Instead, focus on making each second count by involving yourself and your kids in activities nurturing connection and development. From taking part in indoor and outdoor games to pursuing your child’s hobbies and interests together, these little acts can help you bond with your child and create lasting memories. 

Embrace The Learning Moments

From discussing how to face tough situations in life, dealing with failures, and exploring the wilderness to turning these situations into opportunities for learning, combating existence, and problem-solving skills, parenting is a journey for non-stop learning and knowledge-gaining experience. Giving insights into your life experiences to your kids will provide them with the mindset that they need to succeed in the future.

Prioritize Self-care

Parenting is not easy, and that’s the truth— it’s a deal of remarkable spark and emotional investment. Henceforth, self-care is another essential element to make your parental leave worth it. From going for a walk, exercising, and meditating to prioritizing your hobbies and bodily fitness through rejuvenating and strengthening activities, self-care will ensure you deliver the best to your kids as well. 

Create Traditions

Establishing traditions can help create a remarkable experience of belonging and replicating your values and culture in front of your young ones. Celebrating birthdays, going on vacations, or creating journals is an excellent idea to create certain continuity and make every moment memorable.

Seek Support and Cooperation From Your Partner

Co-parenting is a significant ingredient contributing to early childhood development. In fact, parenting is a collaborative environment where your partner can substantially help make your journey smoother by sharing responsibilities, communicating openly, and seeking opinions from each other. By sharing your experiences and recommendations, moms and dads get an opportunity to empower and encourage each other. 


From embracing every moment, prioritizing self-care, supporting each other to building traditions, setting up routines and rituals, and being actively present, one could make the most of parental leave to help build a loving and nurturing connection with their young ones. 

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