Nine Months To Day One

By Shipra Saith|4 - 5 mins read| March 24, 2023

We all remember the day when we got to know that we are expecting and the memories are still so fresh as if it happened yesterday. Somehow these memories can never fade every detail is like printed in our brains just the keyword is required to activate it. The journey of mother begins from “Good news” and it never ends till the point you die. Suddenly the focus shifts from our lives to the life we are going to deliver and nurture. We do our best to take care of our baby in and out of the womb.

The 9 months pregnancy is divided into three trimesters to make it easy for mothers to bear the pain and adjust to changes thinking and hoping that the other trimester would be easy. But as you keep entering every trimester and experience days as it comes you will realize nothing happens or falls at the same place as it was said and things don’t seem easier but somehow the strength of motherhood is such that you are able to handle physical and mental challenges and this positive energy helps you to take forward pregnancy from one trimester to another.

First Trimester

The first trimester ends at the 12th week and as per most of the expected mother experiences the body goes through hell both physically and mentally. You will stay tired all the time, morning sickness with nausea, mood swings and also we crave for different food and also heartburn you will feel hungry all the time but won’t be able to eat much because of heartburn. Traveling becomes difficult because you tend to urinate more frequently. There might be some expecting mothers losing weight in the first trimester but there is nothing to worry.

Second Trimester

The second trimester starts at week 13 and would end by the 28th week and as per everybody who has gone through pregnancy will term this trimester as easy and happy go lucky period. The Baby Bump starts showing up time to shop for clothes in which you fit and would advise buying as loose clothes as you can. The best part about this trimester is you are done with nausea and morning sickness but yes you can feel tired all day.

The second trimester also comes with its own challenges but majorly of its related to physical appearance. Mentally you will be happy to see the growth of baby and growing of life inside the womb. It gives you a feeling of happiness, nervousness also of carrying life in the womb and to be completely responsible for the growth and development of the baby to which not much we can do. Support of the family is required at this time to take care of the expecting mother and to make her feel at rest and peace always. Do not let her go through any stress or unwanted disturbances. Yoga and prenatal exercises and regular walks also help in unwinding the expecting mothers. You can see the change in physical appearance – stretch marks all over the body, pigmentation on face, pain in legs because of increasing weight. A good foot spa can be helpful to relax the mind and body.

Third Trimester

Then you arrive at the final stage of pregnancy, the third trimester which starts from week 29 and normally ends by week 40 or before too, depending upon the medical conditions. The pregnant women are being advised to take this trimester easy and don’t panic if there are minor swelling or patches on the skin or numb hands. With the growing bump, the discomforts start and you need to start working on breathing, meditation helps in controlling your emotions and directing and channelizing energy into the positive and right path. The growing tummy puts pressure on your internal organs and this has its own repercussions like urinating more frequently and difficulty in breathing.

After reaching the final stage of the third trimester from where you started, the life in these nine months has completely changed. Mirror shows a different person completely there are mixed emotions you fail to understand the reason behind moist eyes, the normalcy of life seems to have ended, the freedom to do things in your manner and fashion looks like a dream now and you think about just delivering the baby without knowing that now the real struggle of a mother starts and the journey of motherhood begin Welcome to Day 1 “The baby is born”.

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