Parenting and Personality: Understanding Your Child’s Traits

By Nikitha Patel|3 - 4 mins read| February 06, 2024


As parents, have you ever realised why your kids with a low age difference are so unalike, even though they’re born to the same parents? Perhaps every child is unique, and understanding your child’s personality is indeed helpful. 

Research indicates that genetics play a significant role in determining a child’s personality, while some studies suggest that more than 50 percent of personality traits may be inherited. Parenting styles and environmental factors also play an important part in shaping a child’s personality. 

Certainly, it is crucial to identify and understand your little one’s personality traits and revamp your parenting style. Read below this comprehensive guide to learn about five different personality traits and what parenting style you should opt for.

5 personality traits and parenting styles you must know

Here are the five most common personality traits that can be observed from childhood to adolescence. Also, find out the parenting styles you should incorporate into your lifestyle accordingly.


Does your kid enjoy reading alone in their own room? If your answer is yes, your child is probably an introvert. Such kids typically prefer environments that offer plenty of quietness and solitude. They might even like indulging in reading alone or solitary plays.

As parents, the best way to parent such kids is to respect their needs and provide them ample time for spending alone or on creativity. It is equally important to engage them constantly in open communication and socialisation so that they feel valued and understood.


If your child enjoys making new friends or actively participating in group activities, they are certainly an extroverted kid. As opposed to introverts, such kids prefer lively and social settings and are energized through social interactions. 

Parents must focus on providing their kids with a lifestyle where they get plenty of opportunities for social interactions and to express themselves openly. Besides, parents can encourage them more to participate in group activities or sports, or organise playdates at home. It is important to give them a supportive environment to boost their socialisation skills in a positive direction.

Highly Sensitive

Do you notice your child becoming upset at the sight of another person crying? If yes, then your child has a highly sensitive personality trait. Such kids are usually more reconciled by their own or others’ emotions, feeling deep empathy and compassion.

As parents, your foremost role is to create a nurturing environment where you can encourage emotional expression and comfort your kids whenever they seem distressed. Furthermore, you should avoid harsh criticism. Instead, focus on suggesting productive feedback so that your little one feels supported.

Emotionally Resilient

If your child feels optimistic even at times of challenge, he is certainly an emotionally resilient kid and benefits from the ability to bounce back from setbacks and adapt themselves to every problem.

Such kids usually seek a parenting style that encourages independence and emotionally resilient skills. As parents, you must guide them on how to cope with challenges and learn from failures. Let them have the opportunity to take risks, make decisions, and learn from their experiences.


Does your kid complete his homework on time? Does he keep his room tidy? Well, your kid certainly possesses the conscientiousness personality trait. Such children are generally more organised, detail-oriented, and responsible.

In such cases, children benefit from an authoritative parenting style that sets clear boundaries and expectations while also giving them the support and guidance they need. Simultaneously, it is also important to praise them for their little efforts, and encouraging responsible behaviour would help inculcate self-discipline in them.


Parenting and personality are blended aspects that shape how your kids perceive the world and interact with others. Thus, it has become important to identify your child’s personality traits and adopt a parenting style accordingly. From introversion to conscientiousness, the above article recommends some of the best parenting tips and ideas suited for every personality trait.

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