Parenting In The Digital Age: Here’s How You Can Balance

By Samridhi|2 - 3 mins read| June 19, 2024

Parenting has always been a rollercoaster ride of raging emotions of happiness, confusion, and frustration. Throw in the digital age, and it turns into a game where the rules keep changing at every moment. Whether it’s about keeping a check on your kid’s screen time, ensuring a safe experience for them, or maintaining a healthy balance for family time, parents are overwhelmed with loads of responsibilities in this digital age.

Read below to find out how you can help your kids manage the digital landscape with a little intelligence and lots of patience.

Find The Perfect Balance For Screen Time

According to a survey, kids aged 8–12 spend nearly 4-6 hours of their entire day scrolling smartphones, while for teens, this range reaches up to 9 hours a day. It’s normal for kids to love games, videos, or chatting with friends more than usual, but too much screen time plays a detrimental role in their productivity. However, balancing screen time can be quite a struggle for parents.

It’s time to create specific spaces and time periods in your home where using mobile is strictly restricted. Whether it’s over the dining table, during dinner, or while interacting with family, imposing screen time rules is a great way to limit screen time.

Safety Against Online Strangers

The current digital space is quite unsafe for users, especially kids. A survey states that nearly 59 percent of teens have undergone cyberbullying in some way or another. Therefore, it’s important to make your child learn about the safe tactics of online surfing. While ensuring their safety is essential, you don’t need to stress too much. With little effort, such as proper privacy settings, protecting personal information, or regularly keeping a check on your kid’s online activities, you can keep them safe!

Turn Screen Time Into More Of A Learning Session

42 percent of kids below the age of 8 own their personal tablets or other devices, which turns out to be a great opportunity for instilling the love of learning in them. Therefore, with easy access to educational content on YouTube or other learning platforms, you can now blend entertainment with learning. All you need to do is convince your child to quit video games and replace them with some learning apps.

Family Time Is Important

This aspect can never be stressed enough when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship with other family members. Time is indeed precious, and moments are invaluable. Taking out time on regular weekdays might not be possible; however, a game session, a simple outdoor activity, or just relaxing together on weekends can surely help your kids connect with the family.

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