Parenting Styles: Find 3 Excellent Styles To Give The Best To Your Kids

By Priyanka Chaturvedi|3 - 4 mins read| October 11, 2023

Feeling that parenting is the toughest job you have even been appointed to? Congratulations! You have no option to submit a resignation! (wink)

As a parent you might always do what is best for your kid, that involves the best parenting style too.

Each parent is different as kids and thus varies parenting styles too. But over the years, with much research, the parenting style has been categorized into a few definite styles. Knowing about these styles will help you cope with your child. 


If you are concerned and determined to raise your kid in the best parenting style, it is authoritative parenting. If you are a believer in a balanced lifestyle, this is the best that you can offer your kid. A perfect blend of strict parenting amalgamated with independence and fun. 

Develop an authoritative parenting style will help your kiddo to be:

  • Responsible 
  • Nurturing  
  • Far-sighted in how to deal with a tough situation, and 
  • Have a confident judgment ability, 

The psychology of this parenting style is to be strict and assertive when needed without being invasive or forceful. Parents with this style believe in having controlled fun and setting the disciplinary rule that helps the kids be better person mentally and physically. 

Often parents with this style make their children the decision maker giving them higher authority. It makes the child feel they are an important member with a valued opinion. 


Have you seen a few parents giving into their child’s demand almost immediately without thinking much about the good and bad impact of the demand? It is regarded as permissive parenting. In this type of parenting, the parents act like a friend to their kids and do not have much control over them. 

In the growing years, kids rather pull their parent’s strings. It is a psychological behavior of the parent if they have grown up in a controlled environment. People with limitations often want their kids to enjoy full freedom, and that is reflected in their parenting style too. 

Often kids who are raised in this style become rebellious without reason, get involved in antisocial activities, has weak emotional control and low willpower. It is advised to avoid this kind of parenting as often it is termed “toxic parenting”. 


You might have seen a parent who is too invasive in the lives of their kids, and they make almost every decision in their kid’s life, not thinking about what the kid wants. They have an attitude of “I know what is best for my child” and will get away with almost everything with the same line neglecting their children’s opinions. 

It is kind of dictating the kids throughout their lives. There are a lot of negative impacts of this kind of parenting. 

This parenting style makes the kids weak decision-makers and lowers their self-esteem. Parenting, like every other relationship, is about understanding and mutual agreement. But parent with this style does not seek their kid’s peace of mind in any decision. 

Wrapping Up!

Finding it difficult to play your part as a parent? Or worried about which parenting style would be the best for your kids? Well, the above article has briefly explained some of the top parenting styles you should know about. Read this guide and make your choice!

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