Preparing for Exams: Strategies for Test Success

By Nisha Baheti|3 - 4 mins read| February 12, 2024


From taking exams in schools and colleges to taking exams for getting a job or earning a certificate program,exams are involved at every step of life. And exams are often accompanied by a lot of stress and anxiety.

According to a study, more than 50 percent of the students have test anxiety. When it comes to adults, test anxiety affects about 18 percent of them. An extensive syllabus, lots of learning, and a lengthy approach intimidate it.

However, with the right approach and test-taking strategies, you can make your exam preparation journey easier. Read below this article to explore some of the best exam preparation tips to help you get through the examination fear.

7 Exam Preparation Tips You Need To Know

Here are the seven best exam preparation tips and test-taking strategies that will help you throughout your exam preparation journey.

1.Develop good study habits

Inculcating healthy study habits into your daily routine a few weeks before the day of your exam is a significant step in making your preparation easier. Plan a study schedule and divide your time for revisions and difficult subjects. Recall the class notes and practice sample test papers to make your preparation solid. Lastly, it is important to focus on daily assignments.

2. Prepared detailed study notes

Most students try to cram everything right before their exams. This idea certainly won’t help. This is because it will not only increase examination fear and stress but will also affect sleep and productivity. Instead, focus on taking detailed notes during your class and revising them regularly so that there’s no last-minute pressure.

3. Prioritize Health

Prioritizing health is an important aspect of test preparation. Of course, it’s difficult to study with focus if you’re hungry. Therefore, make a dietary plan that includes a healthy, protein-rich breakfast. This will improve your concentration and make sure you do not get too anxious on your exam day. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and carry a water bottle to the examination center. Moreover, take proper sleep the night before your test.

4. Start studying early

Starting your preparation 3–4 weeks before your exam day will save you from any stress or anxiety that you might have. Start studying each subject every day for a specific time as per your schedule. You can focus more on the subjects you find difficult. Divide the study material into small parts and revise consistently.

5. Say no to distractions

Saying no to distractions is an essential step while preparing for your tests. Learn to avoid visiting your friends, surfing social media, or watching TV for long hours, especially when your exams are approaching.

6. Don’t forget to relax

It is common for students to become anxious right before their exams. Therefore, take time to relax and get a good sleep before your test. Remind yourself that you have studied enough for your test.

7. Choose a comfortable study place

The place where you study plays an important role in boosting your concentration. Therefore, it’s necessary to choose a quiet and comfortable study space. Make sure your study space is tidy, clutter-free, and free from any distractions, such as a TV or mobile phone. Lastly, ensure there’s proper lighting in the study room.


Exams are indeed stressful moments. However, organizing and planning a study schedule can give you the positivity that you need for your exams. Read the above article to explore some of the best test-taking strategies to make it through this exam.

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