Raising Rebellious Teenage Sons

By TheParentZ Counsellor|3 - 4 mins read| March 13, 2023

Parenting Guide For Dealing With Difficult Teenage Sons. If you’re parenting a teenager without going insane over it, you are a superhero. It is not an ordinary job, dealing with the hormones and the attitudes. It’s not easy for you, and it’s not easy for them, either. Here are some parenting pro tips to help make it better for all parties involved!

Get Creative

Every parent knows what teenagers are like – you can hope for better but you know what to expect. Trust us, every teenager knows exactly what to expect from their parents, too. You hope for better, they prepare for worse. Does that explain why your teenager is so angry all the time? Go ahead and surprise them. Do what they don’t expect and you’ll catch them off-guard. They might just be easier to approach!

Switch Perspectives

The next time you come yelling out of your attempt at a mature conversation with your teenage son, step into their shoes. Read up on the internet about the most common teenage problems. If those things look petty to you, read some more about teenage depression and social anxiety. The internet probably has fewer parenting guides than guides for teenagers seeking help. That should help you understand your son better.

Share The Awkwardness

Angry and disrespectful teenage sons are just as awkward as the quiet ones, they just show it differently. There’s an insane amount of hormones rushing through that kid in front of you. It doesn’t take a parenting guide to know how stressful teenage is. It doesn’t take a lot to tip the scales off-balance. For a change, don’t try to be the mature parent in this relationship. Let your teenage son know that you’re on his side but you don’t know how to deal with him. It will humanise you in his eyes.

Raise An Adult, Not A Child

We know they don’t make it easy for you to trust them but here’s the thing. If trust was easy, everyone would trust each other. It’s an endless loop – he needs you to trust him so he can prove that he’s trustworthy. If you expect your teenage son to behave like an adult, treat him like an adult. Let your rebellious teenage son experience the pitfalls, the successes and the unfulfilled expectations of life on his own. Don’t try to protect him; just let him know you’re there if he needs you. You may need help building trust, but it doesn’t take a parenting guide to be compassionate.

Confrontation Vs. Coaching

Teenage sons tend to be competitive. His typically disrespectful teenager behaviour most probably comes from his perception of you as a challenge to his autonomy. Simple things can make it seem that way. Dropping the ominous “We need to talk” bomb on him is the easiest way to do it. He’ll definitely come into that “talk” with all his shields up, rearing for a confrontation. Instead, try being either more casual or more specific, or both. Offer coaching to support his autonomy and you’ll have greater chances of getting through to him.

Read through our parenting guide on the little things that make communicating with teenage sons easier for more help on how to deal with troubled teens. Good luck and happy parenting!

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