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By Sneha Pillai|3 - 4 mins read| March 13, 2023

Concerned on how you are going find a cool baby name for your little one? Are you a parent who wants the coolest name for them? We know you are looking for good recommendations. Well, we heard you! Browse through our blog and see for inspiration on all the variety of cool baby names. It will not be completely wrong to say that those days are long gone when the ancestral family were the rage; parents are being more open when it comes to selecting a name for their son or daughter. So, let’s begin.

  • Arnesh- This name refers to the Lord of the sea. It’s a Sanskrit name and it is also involved in Hindu Astrology.
  • Adit- It’s short, simple but very meaningful. It means important.
  • Aarna-  Name for girls refers to Hindu Goddess Laxmi.
  • Aarvi- This name refers to Peace and also a girl name.
  • Ami- This can be both boys and girls name and it means Nectar.
  • Arul- God’s Grace
  • Banaj- This name refers to Lotus.
  • Bakuli- Lady of Blossoms and Nature
  • Benu- Flute
  • Bhav- This is Lord Shiva’s name
  • Bhini- Humid
  • Bisaj- Another name that means Lotus
  • Bushra- Good Omen
  • Bodhi- Enlightening or enlightenment. It’s popular among both Hindus and Buddhist culture.
  • Danu- This name means Liberal, Courageous or prosperity
  • Ditvi- This means Divine Good
  • Eila- This more of an English sounding name but very meaningful and cool. This means the earth, cardamom tea, moonlight
  • Eva- This name is a variant for Eve, also means life, living one
  • Guhan- It’s a name for Lord Murugan
  • Heli- Generally a boy name which means embrace, the sun as all-pervasive
  • Iham- Short and simple name that means ‘Expected’
  • Ikshu- This means Sugarcane
  • Ipsa- This means Desire or Wish
  • Jane- Refers to the lord of Gracious
  • Jovan- It’s a very common name among various cultures like Greek and Serbian. In India, Jovan means Nice or Youth
  • Kalap- This name means Moon
  • Loma- Someone with Long Hair
  • Mana- A supernatural Power
  • Nambi- Refers to confident and able
  • Pahi- Means Petals of flower
  • Puspi- Tender like a flower, soft
  • Ragi- Loving
  • Ridit- Someone who is world-renowned
  • Rahi- This a unisex name, can be used for both girls and boys. Also, very common among both Hindus and Muslims. This means ‘Traveller’ in both religions
  • Tiya- Refers to a bird
  • Tuhin- Snow
  • Viviana- Refers to Alive or Lively
  • Udu- Refers to Water
  • Ura- Refers to the heart
  • Viti- This means light
  • Zion- The hill where Jesus lives

A lot of these names are unique and very rare to find in use. These kinds of names are very cool as they are meaningful, short and super cool. They all have a different level of popularity, origin, and meaning. What else do you need? This list has all the incredible diverse names, so you got a long list of options to choose from! Super cool names for the super cool parents. Do let us know if you like them and if you do, don’t forget to recommend to others.

Happy Parenting.

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