The Benefits of Being a Single Mom

By Kanika Gautam|3 - 4 mins read| March 13, 2023

Every child needs two parents, or so the adage says. It’s not so true anymore. There are many situations in which a single mother may find it a better option to raise a child alone. Being raised by a single mom is not a stigma anymore, and you will find that there are many advantages that a single mother has. The first overt benefit is that you develop a bond with your child that is unshakeable.

Benefits of Being a Single Mom 

The biggest advantage that single moms have is that they have more me time. Sounds odd, right? But look at it this way. Once the children are in bed or busy in an activity, you do not need to supervise, and you can use the time for yourself. Do chores, browse the internet, and get a facial or even sleep. The absence of a partner does give you more time for yourself. You can renew friendships with long lost friends. Once you are alone, you can carve out more time for your own interests.

Your parenting style is not challenged anymore

Unfortunately, many ugly fights do erupt in a two-parent household about how to parent the children. There are many compromises and negotiations that you have to make in order to keep peace in the household. If you do not the children are witness to ugly fights and confusion. In a single parent household, you get to set the rules and the subsequent punishments. So, if you are one of those parents who like to do things your way you will be better off as a single parent.

As a single parent, you tend to be more decisive and in control. You are suddenly catapulted into the role of the sole bread earner. Although the situation does put a heavy burden on you if you do not get child support, you do end up being more responsible. You are in total control at every time. The idea of being the sole decision maker gives you a sense of confidence and boosts your self-esteem.

Single moms are more likely to look after their health better

Sounds flip, but you tend to let go of your own priorities in a marriage. You often end up not looking after your own health as much as you should. Single moms are more careful of their health as they know that they have children who depend on her. They tend to be groomed better as they work in most cases. The end result is a more health and fitness conscious mom.

How children of single moms’ benefit?

The children of single moms are often more independent as they are generally included in the decision-making process at home. They tend to be financially savvy as they are often in charge of household chores that need a financial transaction. They are used to be called upon to participate in household work and are more responsible about it than children with two parent homes.

Singly parented children are often more resilient. They can cope with life changes faster and with more confidence. They handle stress better and are often very independent. The life skill of adapting to new situations and to persevere comes from being a child with a single mother. The child is more appreciative of what the mother does for her and is always appreciative of hard work. It builds a culture of hard work, and facing challenges becomes second nature. As gender roles are more fluid when there is no male presence around, the child tends to be more sensitive.

Being a single mom is not that bad in the larger picture!

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