Things to Do in Naxos Town, Greece with Kids

By Samrat Saxena|3 - 4 mins read| July 10, 2024

Naxos, the largest island in the Cyclades, isn’t just about pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife (though it has those too!). Naxos Town, the island’s beating heart, offers a treasure trove of experiences perfect for families with kids. Here’s how to create unforgettable memories while keeping your little ones happy and engaged.

Places to Explore in Naxos Town

  • Temple of Apollo (Portara): This iconic landmark, a giant marble gate standing proudly on a small islet, is a sight to behold. Imagine the dramatic tales of Greek mythology your kids can conjure up while you capture postcard-perfect pictures. Pro tip: Time your visit for sunset, and witness the fiery sky frame the Portara in a magnificent spectacle.
  • The Old Town (Chora): A labyrinth of charming, whitewashed alleys lined with shops selling everything from local crafts to colorful souvenirs, Chora is an explorer’s paradise. Let your kids loose (within safe limits!) and see what hidden treasures they discover. Be sure to grab a refreshing scoop of gelato (who can resist?) at a quaint cafe and people-watch as the afternoon sun paints the town in warm hues.
  • Kastro: Naxos’ Venetian Castle, perched atop a hill, offers breathtaking dramatic views of the town and the Aegean Sea. The climb might seem daunting, but the reward is truly worth it. Pack some water and snacks for a mini picnic at the top, and let your kids imagine themselves as brave knights guarding the island.

Activities to Spark Joy in Naxos Town

  • Beach Bonanza: Naxos boasts some of Greece’s most beautiful beaches. Pick one with calm, shallow waters like Agios Georgios or Agia Anna, perfect for sandcastle building and splashing around. Most beaches have sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, so you can relax while the kids have a blast.
  • Sailing Adventure: Embark on a boat trip around the island and discover hidden coves and secluded beaches accessible only by water. Many boat tours offer swimming stops and might even let you spot playful dolphins! This will be a thrilling experience your kids will brag about to their friends back home.
  • Get Crafty: Let your kids unleash their inner artist with a pottery painting class. Naxos is known for its long tradition of ceramics, and many shops offer workshops where kids can create their masterpieces. It’s a fun and creative way to bring home a unique souvenir.

Preventing Meltdowns in Naxos Town

  • Plan Breaks: Factor in rest stops throughout the day. Kids have shorter attention spans, so schedule time for ice cream breaks, playground time, or quiet moments to recharge.
  • Embrace Flexibility: Don’t have a jam-packed itinerary. Leave room for spontaneity and let the kids take the lead sometimes. Maybe they’d rather chase pigeons in a square than explore another museum. Go with the flow!
  • Pack Smart: Sunscreen, hats, comfortable walking shoes, and swimsuits are essential. Don’t forget a refillable water bottle to keep everyone hydrated. Pack a small backpack for your child to carry their own water and light snacks, making them feel independent.

Bonus Tip: Pack a deck of cards or a small portable game for downtime at cafes or during ferry rides.

Things to Avoid in Naxos Town

  • Midday Explorations: The Greek sun can be fierce. Plan outdoor activities for the mornings or evenings when the temperatures are cooler.
  • Pushing Limits: Don’t try to cram too much into one day. Let your kids set the pace, and end the day when they start to get tired or cranky. Remember, happy kids make happy vacations!
  • Overspending on Souvenirs: Set a budget for souvenirs and stick to it. Let your kids choose one special item they’ll cherish as a reminder of their Naxos adventure.


Naxos Town, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and endless fun, is a haven for families. By planning activities that cater to everyone’s interests and incorporating these tips, you can create lasting memories that your kids will treasure forever. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable Naxos adventure!

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