Tips for Parents if Your Child is Changing Schools

By Priyanka A|3 - 4 mins read| March 13, 2023

Schools are an essential part of any person’s life. They contribute to what we grow up to be. They contribute to our overall personality. They contribute in shaping us to what we become in future. That being said, we can safely say selecting the right school for your child is the most important decision any parent has to take.

But, sometimes it just so happens that along the way parents realise that they can find a better school for their child, and their children can probably outshine in some other school. At this point of time changing school becomes essential. But at the same time, no matter how much benefits it might bring to your child there are certain casualties involved as well. For example your child might be well adjusted in the school you want to replace and may not be willing to let go of his friends in the school. So how as a parent can you help your child accept this change?

Read this article to know more about how parents can ease the process of changing schools for children so that their children can reap the maximum out of it.

Changing Schools of your kids, here are some Tips Every Parent Should Know

Plan ahead

Parents should realise how difficult it is for children to accept change and hence should plan well in advance. They should not take haphazard decisions that may affect their child’s emotion but instead take all the decisions in a calm manner understanding the impact of their decisions on their child. For instance, after deciding the new school they should dig in more information about the carpool and bus routes for the child, the school timings, etc before applying for transfer in the previous school. Only after full planning has been done, should the child’s application for transfer be applied.

Talk to them

More often than not, for our child’s success and happiness that we take hard steps but in the process we forget to talk to our children about it. Mind you! It’s the MOST important thing that parents should do before taking any step like this. Talking to your child about the decisions you are about to take, getting them involved in the decision making process helps them feel like they are in loop. This will help them ease into the idea of changing schools and they will be mentally prepared for the same.

Explain and excite them

Human beings are resistant to change. No one likes change. But change is necessary. Explain this to your child. Tell them why it is important for them to change schools. How it will benefit them. Why is the current school not good enough for the child? Answer their questions. Relieve them from any doubts. They are obviously expected to be resistant of your answers but give them time and see them understand your logic slowly.

Give examples

Give them examples of someone they know who have changed schools and tell them it all get alright in the end. Ask them to talk to one of them if they wish to and help them clear their doubts. Giving them examples will help them realise that they are not alone in this. Many other students have gone through the same phase and have survived the initial fear and confusion. This will give them the confidence needed and help them accept the change

Get them involved

Once admitted to a new school, help them ease into the change. Extroverts find it easy to interact with people but it’s the introverts that face the real challenge. Insist your child to join activities in school so that they get a chance to interact with more people and as a result get mixed up with them easily. However forcing them to join these activities may be the best. Give them the space to get adjusted by themselves and after enough time if they still are facing troubles adjusting, then it is advisable to scoop into the picture and help them.

So try these tips to help your child ease into the change!

All the best!

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