How to Raise a Happy Child with Positive Parenting?

By Prabhdeep M|4 - 5 mins read| March 24, 2023

Strictness or punishments might help you to control your child but they also deflate their ability to be self-efficient and trigger narcissism. Nowadays, parents are experimenting and following certain new styles of parenting just to raise a perfect child, which on the other side of the spectrum is causing harm to their child’s behaviour and emotions.This article gives you 5 tips for practicing peaceful positive parenting or Gental Guidance instead of punishment at your house to raise a Happy Child with Positive Parenting.

Why kids these days are so stubborn? Why don’t they answer in the right tone? Why doesn’t a 12 year old pick up his toys? And a lot more to such complaints. – This is because we are being hard on them and not trying to understand their emotions. Strictness may lead to angry kids who no longer want to please their parents whereas leniency raises unhappy and dispirited kids who attempt to test their parents and may demand exceptionally.

Kids don’t come with a manual and so there is no guide to right parenting, it merely differs from child to child. So, let’s talk about positive parenting and how differently it may help you to raise a child that he deserves to be. Positive Parenting focuses on developing a strong bond between the parent and the child based on interaction and mutual understanding.

Not really a device, a program, a method or a tool that will help you raise perfect kids but just a few changes in our daily routine which may help you improve the relationship between you and your child. Start with these 5 Effective Tips for Positive Parenting to Discipline Your Kids

Regulating your emotions

Well, a problem is a problem when it triggers our emotions. We get angry and irritated when a child shouts, cries, demands something exceptionally or is being naughty. Why is there a need to get furious! – That is entirely human. This is where we take our first step towards positive parenting which is calming your emotions and not reacting instantly.

Make efforts to calm yourself and keep yourself stress-free by performing activities like exercising, listening to good music, not overlooking success, a balance between work and personal life, taking good care of your health and eating good food. These things may not matter to you now because mothers usually don’t have time for themselves but in order to create emotional balance, one needs to bring a balance in all other aspects of living!

Making eye contact

Most of us make all the talking with the kids while doing our chores and without looking at them, which makes them feel neglected and left alone. When your child comes to you to talk, to complain, to inform anything; leave your errands aside, look
into his eyes and listen to him.

Make expressions that make him feel that he is being heard like a nod and agree wherever necessary. This will help you improve your relationship with your child and as he/she gets older it will develop trust and faith in him for you.

Set rules and be firm

Set clear boundaries for your kids and be persistent. Children need love and guidance in order to understand the difference between right and wrong, what to do and what not to do. Make them clear if they commit something wrong. Do not shout or punish them, explain to them why they should not do what they were doing. Sympathize with them and say things like “I know you are angry/upset” and make them feel better by talking things out. Make considerable negotiations and offer alternatives as the child gets older.

Make your child a problem solver

Don’t try to be bossy! If you always decide what is wrong and what is right, you are depriving your kids of the chance to build self-efficacy and analytics, which is a very fundamental dweller of human cerebral. They completely become dependent on their parents and fall behind when it comes to major decisions of their life. Instead, give them the chance to decide and let them face the consequences. Be there to support them and explain the wrongs and rights in detail.

Positive Learning Environment

Parents are the first person kids come to when they want to understand something. Give right attention to your child and explain him what he seeks. Be patient if he crosses questions, this will help you perceive his level of thinking. Always involve yourself in his plays and contrarily indulge them in household chores too.

It is not so smooth and easy to be a parent and not everyone does it right at first. Even the most sorted parent has to go through his kid’s tantrums at certain times, the key is to stay calm and take things easy. Give your child all the love and care he deserves and cherishes all the moments of his childhood. It is another amazing adventure of life on which you may not ride again!

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