Top 10 Celebrity Baby Names For Boys

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A name is just not a name. It’s the love of the parents for their child. An identity they give to their baby. Parents sometimes take months and weeks to think about their kids’ best names. And when it comes to celebrities, we often see them coming up with unique and beautiful names that astonish everyone. These names are not only fashionable but also have beautiful meanings behind them. Here is a list of the top 10 Celebrity baby names for boys.

1. Haroon

Haroon is a beautiful celebrity baby name from Sanskrit and means “hope.” Haroon is the child of Konkana Sen and Ranvir Shorey. It also means strength, warrior lion and a leader.

2. Kiaan

Kiaan is the name of actress Karishma Kapoor’s son, meaning “grace of God” in Latin. Further, if you are interested in Irish mythology, you should name your baby boy Kiaan as it means “Ancient” or “grace of God”.

3. Abram

‘AbRam’ is the name of the son of Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan. They have thought about their third child’s name. The name starts from the Portmanteau word consolidating Ram and Ibrahim. It also finds its origin in biblical Hebrew, which means “exalted father.”

4. Gus (August), Ozzie (Oscar)

Mandy Moore, a star of “This Is Us,” and her singer-songwriter husband, Taylor Goldsmith, welcomed their first child, August “Gus,” in 2021. Mandy said that they always loved the name, so it was easily decided and agreed upon. Oscar “Ozzie,” the couple’s second child, was likewise born in October 2022.

5. Viaan

Viaan, the son of actress Shilpa Shetty, translates to “full of life and energy.” Yes, we like how his name sounds and what it means. Also, like his mother, Viaan, the little boy is very stylish.

6. Cosmo

Scarlett Johansson and her husband Colin Jost named their baby boy “Cosmo”. When asked why she named her child Cosmo, she explained on The Kelly Clarkson Show, where She stated that “Cosmo is a really sweet little flower that comes in a variety of orange and yellow tones.” And that’s why she named his son Cosmo.

7. Arlo

On Instagram in 2022, actress Julia Stiles and her husband, camera assistant Preston J. Cook, announced the birth of their second child. The Riviera actress shared a picture of her four-year-old son showing how he is coping with becoming a brother and a picture of her child’s feet. Arlo, which means “Hill” in German, is a beautiful name.

8. Myles

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel welcomed their second child, a son, in 2019. They named him Myles. Myles is a boy’s name that has its roots in Latin. This name was brought to England by the Normans as Miles, which means “soldier” The name also bears a close resemblance to the German name Milo.

9. Dimitri

The baby boy born to Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher was named Dimitri Portwood Kutcher. The name Dmitri is a Greek baby boy’s name. Greek mythology fans might also like the translation of Dmitri as a “follower of Demeter.” Demeter, one of the twelve Olympians, was considered to have been the goddess of agriculture, in charge of fertility and harvest.

10. Psalm

In 2019, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their baby boy and revealed one week later that they named their baby Psalm West. The name Psalm was chosen by Kanye and is a representation of their spirituality.”

They surprised their fans globally by naming him Psalm as it is special to their family. Psalm also means “song” in Hebrew, and there’s also the Book of Psalms in the Bible.

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