Top 5 Unusual Baby Boy Names For 2020

By TheParentZ Counsellor|3 - 4 mins read| March 13, 2023

Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name?” as if there was no value attached to names. That very line would have no significance today if it wasn’t nearly always followed by his name. Names have power; they are our entire identities contained in one single word. They hold the key to our lives. Ancient Indian wisdom goes into much detail about how to pick a baby name for good reason.
It is very important to consider the meaning while trying to find the perfect one among baby boy names. Most parents will want unique Hindu boy names for their little bundles of joy. Here are the top 5 unique and cute baby boy names for 2020.

5 Unusual Baby Boy Names

1. Reyansh

Reyansh means a ray of light. The name originates from Sanskrit and is a fusion of two words. In Sanskrit, ‘ansh’ means ‘a part of’ so the literal translation of ‘Reyansh’ is ‘a part of light’. It signifies everything that is associated with ‘light’ – brightness, joy, life itself.

This baby boy name is not very popular yet, making it unique in our times. The chances of your son meeting another Reyansh within his peer group are fairly low.

2. Neehal

This unique baby name holds many energising connotations. Powerful and positive, this is a Hindu boy name that can also be spelled as Nihal, Nihaal, Nehaal, or Nehal. The last one is better suited as a baby girl name because it is often pronounced differently and means intelligent, beautiful or rainy. The name ‘Neehal’ also means rainy, but its other meanings are quite different – ‘success’, ‘satisfaction’, ‘happiness’ or ‘sapling’, and ‘new’. Neehal is a Hindu boy name full of energy and virility.

3. Dhven

Perhaps one of the most majestic names on this list of cute baby names, Dhven means ‘godly’. The name Dhven is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Dev’, which means ‘God’. Similar to and often confused with the Indian boy name ‘Deven’, Dhven stands for anything that relates to or describes God. It is a predominantly Hindu name and is similar in meaning to ‘Deven’ and ‘Daivik’. Unlike these, Dhven is not a common name, and is therefore likely to set your little boy apart from his peers.

4. Kiaan

There are many ways to spell this name, and each pronunciation has it’s own meaning and significance. When spelled Kiaan, it has Sanskrit origins; it means ancient or distant. Kiyan has an Persian connotation; it was the name of the second dynasty of Persian Kings. The European spelling, ‘Kian’, has Gaelic and Hebrew origins. It means ‘God is Gracious’ and has been derived from the name ‘John’ which has the same meaning. I’d say this is the most interesting baby boy name for 2020 because of its dynamic nature and international relevance.

5. Aadavan

Indian culture is a rich mix of Western ideas blended in with its original pagan beliefs. The result is an interesting landscape of philosophies, wherein the Sun is considered to be a god. Many names have been assigned to the Sun in Indian scriptures and mythology, and Aadavan is one of them. The Hindu boy name Aadavan signifies all the various qualities attributed to the Sun.

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