Top 5 Unusual Baby Girl Names For 2020

By Janhavi Desai|3 - 4 mins read| March 13, 2023

Top 5 Unusual Baby Girl Names For 2020. It is customary in India to wait until after the baby is born to pick the perfect baby name for them. One of the reasons is that we don’t know the gender of the baby till they’re born, but the more important one involves astrology. Ancient Indian wisdom follows an intricate system to help pick the perfect name for your baby. It considers the exact positioning of the stars at the moment of your child’s birth to find astrologically sound names that will help your baby live a good life. Here are the top five cute and unique Indian baby girl names for 2020!

5 Unusual Baby Girl Names

1. Vishrutha

The origins of this adorable baby girl name lie deeply rooted in Indian mythology. A name with multiple connotations, it is one of the names ascribed to Goddess Durga. Vishrutha means expanding and growing. It can also mean someone who is famous and well-heard-of. Vishrutha is a Hindu baby name for girls. If you are thinking of naming your daughter Vishrutha, keep in mind that it is a fairly difficult name to remember, spell as well as pronounce.

2. Ajastha

Just like the Indian baby boy names Dhven, Deven, and Daivik, the Hindu baby girl name Ajastha means ‘godly’. In some contexts, Ajastha may even mean ‘god’ as a whole. This name originates from Sanskrit like many other Indian baby names. The name Ajastha also means someone who cannot be defeated or conquered. It is similar in meaning to the boy name Ajay in this sense. It is not a common name and will be very unique.

3. Neepa

The name Neepa has refreshing and beautiful connotations relating to nature and liveliness. The literal meaning of this Indian baby girl name is ‘a flower’ or it is the name of a particular flower. It may also be spelled as Nipa; the meaning remains the same. This name is dominant among Hindu families but may also be found in other religious sects. The name Neepa is the Sanskrit word for ‘flower’.

4. Ina

A short and beautiful baby girl name, ‘Ina’ has a particular musical sound to it. This name finds a place in Scottish heritage too, having been used for men as well as women. There, it means ‘home’ or ‘to entertain’. Today, it is only used as a nickname for girls whose names end with ‘-ina’. The Sanskrit origins of the name Ina give it many meanings: mother of all, ruler, or strong. Ina is also a name for the Sun in Sanskrit. Although it is a beautiful baby name, Ina is not currently popular and thus remains unique.

5. Tashi – Prosperity

Last but not the least, the name Tashi has various meanings, too. It is a Tibetan word which means good fortune and auspiciousness. It is a gender neutral baby name in Tibetan culture, and has been the name of many prominent personalities. In its Russian form, Tashi is an abbreviation of Natasha, which comes from Natalie, meaning one who is born on Christmas. The Sanskrit version of this truly international baby girl name means ‘prosperity’, just like the names Samriddhi, Shreya, and Rafa.

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