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A child specialist is must for your new born baby as all the medicines and treatment are different from adults. New born baby or kids are very sensitive therefore you shouldn’t give them normal medicines as it may lead to over dosage or other complications or side effects. It is advised that you visit a good and specialized pediatric doctor for your little one’s good health and make sure that doctor is available for consultation when you are in need. Here are few of best child specialists in Noida who can treat your baby with their great experiences and knowledge.

Parents prefer a pediatrician or Child Specialist with whom they can have a great relationship. You should always feel comfortable while talking to your doctor especially if that doctor is going to treat or check your child. We’ve once again teamed up with experts to come up with list of top pediatricians and pediatric specialists in Noida in 2024 to help you with your search for finding one who is right for your child.

Top 10 Best Child Specialists in Noida 2024

If you are expecting, then you should look around and finalize on a pediatrician for your child. A newborn child requires lot of visits to the child specialist specially during the first few months.  So choose one from the list that best suits your criteria. It is advised that you explore atleast 2-3 child specialist before finalizing yours.

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1. Dr. Rajeev Ranjan

  • Experience of 17 years . He saved over 8000 newborns in NICU in his career.
  • Takes care of growth of child with proper diet plan to keep them healthy. He is a member of Indian Medical Association (IMA).
  • Address- Sector-51, Nidan Mother and Child Care, B 1, Gate Number 1: Beside HP Pump, Noida.
  • Fees- INR 500
  • Contact no. 099997 17733

2. Dr. Vivek Goswami

  • Experience of 12 years. He is Senior Consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist at Fortis Hospital.
  • He is having extensive experience in pediatric and adolescent care.
  • Address- Sector- 29, In Good Hands, Flat No. 1047,  Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201303
  • Fees – INR 600
  • Contact No.- 088004 47777

3. Dr. Manju Dutta

  • Experience of 20 years in looking after sick children starting in the newborn period to the adolescence period of child.
  • Expertise in treating childhood diseases like Asthma, Allergy, Pediatric Dermatology and Vaccination.
  • Address- Sector-26, Noida and consultant NEO Hospital and Dr. Dutta’s Clinic, Sector 50.
  • Fees- INR 500
  • Contact no. 099105 04199

4. Dr. Atul Kumar Maheshwari

  • Experience of 15 years. He is a member of Indian Academy of Pediatrics and National Neonatology Forum.
  • Address – Maheshwari Clinic , Sector 108, D-292, Near Divine Apartment.
  • Fees- INR 600
  • Contact no. 0120 650 0680

5. Dr. Ravi Gupta

  • Experience of 15 years and a senior consultant for last 8 years in Apollo Hospital.
  • He acquires special skills especially in management of sick newborns. Expertise in treating Neonatology, Asthma and so on.
  • Address- Sneh Child, Infertility and IVF Clinic sector -76, and Skytech Matrott Market Shop No 14 , Near North Eye Building.
  • Fees- INR 500
  • Contact no: 096541 27129

6. Dr. Shalini Tyagi

  • Experience of 17 years and expert in Respiratory allergies and immunology.
  • She also provide services for the diseases like Bronchial Asthma , Growth and development, Vaccination and so on.
  • Address- Children Clinic and Fortis Hospital , Sector 11, noida; Sector 62 # A-4. 1st Floor, C- Block, TOT Mall
  • Fees- INR 500
  • Contact no- 0120-240 0500

7. Dr. Amit Gupta

  • Experience of 17 years in Neonatology and pediatrics.
  • Expertise in Child development diseases, Immunization advices, Growth and Development and so on.
  • Address- Max Hospital, No-A – 364, Opposite SAB Mall, Sector 19, Noida.
  • Fees – INR 800
  • Contact no. 0120 662 9999

8. Dr. Ritu Gupta

  • Experience of 20 yeas and member of Indian Academy of Pediatrics and Indian Medical Association.
  • Expertise in treating almost all diseases in child with great care and affection.
  • Address- Friends Eye and Child Care Centre, Sector 17 A, next to BHEL Colony, Noida.
  • Fees- INR 500
  • Contact no – 099717 23501

9. Dr. Shishir Bhatnagar

  • Experience of 21 years and expertise in Infant and Child Nutrition, Indian Medical Association.
  • Address- Asha Child and Eye Care Clinic,Sector 52, #D-28- Near Sai Mandir, Noida
  • Fees- INR 600
  • Contact no- 09899188788

10. Dr. Anuj Jain

  • Experience of 13 years in treating child wit care and affection.
  • He had worked with prestigious Government Institutes like RML Hospital.
  • Address – Yatharth Wellness Hospital; and Trauma Centre, Omega 1, P3, Sector 32, Near Yamuna Express Authority Office and AWHO , Noida.
  • Fees- INR 400
  • Contact no- 088004 47777

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