Top Parental Control Apps for Parents in 2024

By Komal|5 - 6 mins read| February 20, 2024

It all starts when you decide to become a parent. While growing up, you must have heard the phrase “Parenting is tough,” and so it is. But with the right guidance, you can be a responsible and loving parent. 

Furthermore, the internet is binding every other piece of your life, and this sector is also not unattained. The parenting apps are curated so that you can control the activities of your kids and provide what is best for them now and for the coming years. It tracks the activities of your kids while they are online. 

With time mobiles, tablets, and computers have become a basic part of the children’s life. According to the reports collected by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average time spent by kids using the screens is six hours for kids between 8 to 10 years of age. And seven and a half hours for the teenagers. You can use also explore the Download TheParentZ Child Health and Growth Tracker App to track more than 25 activities of your child including vaccination, growth, sleep, medication etc.

Isn’t it shocking to spend that much screen time? These numbers are twice what is recommended.  

In 2024, maintaining balance is important. While these gadgets have become an evident part of our lives, children use them for educational purposes, somewhere down the lane, the equilibrium is lost. 

So how will you keep your children on track? Stop them from using the gadgets? Absolutely not! The answer to this article is a parenting app. 

The market is flooded with parenting apps, but which is the best app to use? 

After vigorous research and feedback, we have come up with these 5 apps that are great when it comes to parenting and will help to tame your little one (blink!).

All the apps that we have listed in this article are supported by both iOS and Android. 


You bet your kids are smarter than you. In 2024 having a teenager is like fighting a storm. No matter what you do, they will dislike you anyway, so here it goes. 

The canopy app is like a filter that will bar any kind of inappropriate content from your kid’s reach. It further educates your child about how to be responsible when they are using the internet or other gadgets. If you are skeptical about using it, try the 7 days free version and get a taste of it. Henceforth you have to pay $8 to $16 on a monthly basis. 


This app is like Sherlock Homes, and you will get details of the apps your kid is using, how much time they are spending on the app, and a report of their daily activity. 

It has got two versions. You can start with the normal and gradually move towards the premium, which will charge you just $7 every month. 

However, it also has a trial version. The other good features about it is social media monitoring and an instant pause feature. 


This app is user-friendly. It allows you real-time tracking. One of the cons that this app has is it only offers a 3 days trial period, and the paid version costs $55 yearly. 

Furthermore, it only tracks Facebook and not any other social media account. 

The parents can see who their child has been talking to. It also bars any unnecessary or harmful content from the reach of the kids. 

It offers a feature where you can unplug your kids from the devices if you feel necessary. 

Qustodio allows you to track calls and text messages, unplug your ids from gaming apps when you feel that it is necessary, and block them from devices if they exceed the limited screen timing. 

However, it is the costliest among all the parenting apps, but then your kids are costlier. 

Net Nanny 

It has similar features to the other ones, i.e., it bars inappropriate content from your kid’s reach. $50 per year will allow you to connect 20 devices at a time. 

You can also track the whereabouts of your kids and set screen limits, but it has no features that allow you to see the texts or calls of your kids. 

This modern-day parenting app will help you keep your kids away from any danger by tracking their location. Setting allocated time for your kids will help you keep them off the screen and see the real world, and this app allows you that.

Norton Family 

With a mere $50, you can use this parenting app to track 50 devices or more. Sounds great? Wait till you hear more. 

Norton Family allows you to check the whereabouts of your kids at present. It also stores data for the past month so that if you have missed a day, you can refer to the app and track that day. Not only it keeps the data of the past month, but it allows a free trial of a month, which is higher than all the apps that are mentioned in this article. 

You can almost track whatever your kids in doing. Social media, text monitoring, location monitoring, setting time limits, etc., are the features that this app allows the parent. 

Now you can be as nosy as you can as a parent and keeps your kids safe, always. 

Side-by-side comparison 

App Name Trial Period Cost iOS/Android Number of Devices 
Canopy 7 days $8 to $16/month Both 3-10
Screentime 7 days $7 every month Both 1-5
Qustodio 3 days $55 every year Both 5-15
Net Nanny 14 days $50 every year Both 1-20 
Norton Family 30 days $50 per year Both Up to 50


We have jotted down all the popular and worthy apps that you can use to track your kid’s activities while allowing them to have controlled fun. The internet can be a harmful place if used in the wrong way, so these apps are the demand of the hour. All the apps listed have a trial version, so try them before you buy.

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