10 Top Parenting Hacks that will make your Life Easier

By Harita Patil|4 - 5 mins read| March 22, 2023

Parenting is the most tedious task in the world. You don’t get increments, appraisals, medals, quarterly or annual bonus. The only judge of your parenting mettle is the amount of me time you can garner for yourself without compromising on your kid’s health, safety or good habits. Parents grow along with their children. They learn the rare virtues of patience, multi-tasking, answering a million questions, bathing with the door open, and the list is endless.

So we understand the struggles and would like to introduce you to the best parenting hacks and efficient parenting tips to ease up your parent life. Check below and wonder why you didn’t ever think of it:

10 Parenting Hacks to Make Life Easier with Little Kids

1. When work becomes their game

Your kids wouldn’t know that you are actually making them work if you make it look like a game. Get them toy mops, brooms, brushes. While you are doing some chores, you can ask them to work along. Put on music and make it look a fun game together.

2. Door Slam Hack

Remember the nerve wrecking relentless slams on the door? Well you can avoid that and also keep your kids safe by attaching cut foam to the door. The door won’t slam, the fingers of your little one will be safe, and everybody wins!

3. Make the food look interesting

Kids don’t eat for health. Their desire to eat depends upon the visual representation of the food. Make the food look interesting, play with ketch up and other sauces. Remember how George Pig eats the salad looking like a Dinosaur while he wouldn’t eat cucumber, carrot and lettuce separately? Now, who missed the real lesson?

4. Egg carton recycle

If you are just throwing away the egg cartons, you are missing out on the best parenting hack. Egg cartons can act as card holder, coloring, crafting animals, etc.

5. Toilet roll Hack

Only some things are as fun for toddlers and rolling down the toilet paper. Create a mark on the wall right beneath the toilet paper to determine how much of the paper they should use.

6. Inflatable pool multi-use

Who says inflatable pool could only be used for swimming and playing with water? It can also be used as a large playground for your little one. They could be protected and bound to play within the bumpy boundary of the pool.

7. Ice Cream Hack

Kids like ice cream and kids spill ice cream. To create a balance between the two, insert muffin caps underneath the ice cream to keep the ice cream from spilling around.

Kids like ice cream and kids spill ice cream. To create a balance between the two, insert muffin caps underneath the ice cream to keep the ice cream from spilling around.

8. Access to the wash basin

To make the sink or wash basin closer and accessible to the kids, cut option a lotion bottle from one end and insert it over the tap. This would make hand washing easier for the children, and life easier for you as a parent.

9. Assign them corners

Kids love playing in tents and it is a good way to keep them busy. Just create their tiny tent using your old sheets and put interesting activities there. The kid should have one sole corner in the house that is truly his/hers. They should feel free to color on the sheets placed on walls or create mess with their toys. Furthermore, you can make them responsible for their area and make them clean up the mess when they are done.

10. Stuffed Animals Hack

What if the stuffed animal collection of your kid can also become a piece of your furniture? Yes, this can be a good parenting hack. Just stack up all the soft toys in a bean bag cover. Hoping the above tips turn out to be efficient parenting hacks for you. Never underestimate the power of recycling with kids. You will feel a sense of accomplishment if you tend to make utter scrap a valuable sport for your kid. The above are sure shot best parenting hacks and would definitely give you some me-time while your kids are safely ensconced in their fun games. The hacks save you time and also make the life of you and your toddler easy.

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