Ways To Protect Your Child from Common Monsoon Illnesses

By Sneha Pillai|2 - 3 mins read| April 09, 2024

Protect Your Child From Sickness By Following These Six Simple Rules Of Hygiene! Monsoon is a tropical season with months after months of incessant rain. It can be beautiful and romantic or gloomy and ominous depending on the way you see it. Most years, I prepare the house well in advance for the rainy season, so it is the former for me. However, if monsoon illnesses catch on to my son or daughter, it suddenly becomes a gloomy and ominous season. Here are the tips I follow to prevent that from happening!

Tips to Protect Your Child From Monsoon Illnesses

Cover ‘em up!

My kids hate how much I insist on them wearing clothing and rainwear that covers as much skin as possible. I don’t enjoy being the mean mom who forces her children to do things against their wishes but this is for their own good. Most monsoon illnesses like dengue, malaria, chikungunya and typhoid are contracted through direct contact with our skin. Covering ourselves as thoroughly as possible helps massively in monsoon disease prevention.

Home Cooked Meals Only

My children absolutely love dining out, irrespective of the season or place. Doing so can be quite risky especially in the rainy season; diseases are free-flowing during this time. The most common rainy season diseases that can be contracted via food and water include diarrhoea and leptospirosis. Home-made meals, when eaten warm, help to ensure that the food is not contaminated or in any manner unfit to consume.

Balanced Diet For Balanced Health

This is easily the most underrated part of monsoon illness prevention and cure. It is impossible for the human body to resist or fight off any diseases that attack it without a strong immune system. Healthy immunity building involves routinely consuming a consistent diet with appropriate quantities of all the nutrients. My daughter is a fussy eater, so this is a little tough to do with her, but the internet offers great tips to help with that!

Handwash Routine

This is a healthy habit that should be followed all year round, but most importantly during the monsoon. During this season, the wetness and general humidity create an ideal environment for the growth of fungi, disease-causing bacteria and germs. These can spread very easily through physical touch and have the highest chances of affecting us if they enter our body. We can’t know what monsoon illnesses our hands may have come into contact with. So washing them thoroughly before eating is a great monsoon disease prevention measure.


It seems very counterintuitive but drinking a lot of water is also key to remaining healthy in the monsoon season. With so much rainwater around, it seems hardly possible for dehydration to be a problem, but that is not the main concern here. Make it a point to keep your children well-hydrated during the rainy season because it helps their bodies built strong immunity. Hydration helps the body flush out toxins, bacteria and germs that cause monsoon illnesses like cough, cold and flu.

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