What Are The Right Clothes To Wear During Pregnancy?

By Suchita Arora|3 - 4 mins read| March 13, 2023

Indubitably, it comes in your mind that how to get the best outfits during pregnancy as you embrace the new figure where you notice a relentless growing belly making you panic when you observe that no dress in your wardrobe can cover you up making them all useless in a few weeks.

As you are a different shaped woman now for which you require exclusive maternity clothes as loose garments to cover yourself as well as feel completely comfortable till the time you conceive it.

To give the required comfort to your body and keeping the fashion point of view in the mind, before finding the best outfits during pregnancy, here are some tips for all the pregnant women to maintain their style statement alive while going through this period.

  • Once you start looking for the perfect maternity clothes, always start by investing in good quality undergarments that will take you through the pregnancy period with no trouble and annoyance. Also, find your exact maternity bra size within the softest fabric.
  • Not all the retailers and showrooms keep the maternity clothes as it requires certain extra size that is not the regular choice for most of the shoppers so better to find them first online to avoid further chaos. While searching perfect maternity clothes, mainly longer-fitting shirts and blouses work well, also, tunics, stretchy tanks, and tees keep up the style.
  • Trying any of your favourite designed skirts by wearing it a little higher on your belly. This attire may be uncomfortable for a few of you, but it will not hurt your baby at all.
  • Your discarded looser-fitting pants and brimming tops are also an option among maternity clothes during this stage that could save some extra bucks in buying a new one too.

What to wear for working women during pregnancy?

Many mothers-to-be are not in favour of maternity clothes due to being a working woman, and a question irritates them that what are the best maternity clothes for working ladies? So, here are a few cool tips for them.

  • For the working pregnant women who prefer to be formally dressed, you can employ your regular blazers and more preferably cardigans by wearing them unbuttoned. It can be used as one of the best alternates for maternity clothes by pairing them with any simple shell or blouse underneath.
  • During pregnancy, wearing elastic waistbands and drawstring bottoms may work better too. Though it may make you shudder and shrink, they will keep your baby bump comfortable by not compressing your slowly stretching skin. Nowadays a lot of brands are selling elastic pants, skirts and lowers with a variety of sparkling colours, designs and patterns. At last, it’s all you wish to wear the clothing above the bump or below it according to your comfort.
  • An all-time hit formula in finding the best maternity clothes for working ladies is to simply buy your regular pre pregnancy clothes one or two sizes larger and use them throughout your pregnancy. And don’t worry, it’s not a bad deal as these pieces can be great transitional items for the post-pregnancy period when your body has yet to get back to its pre-baby size shape.

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And yes, keeping into consideration, always wear the low-rise pants below your growing belly and never tuck in the shirt once your belly is advancing. It will keep you comfortable and unhurt.

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