When Do Babies Start Crawling: 5 Tips to Encourage Crawling

By Samridhi|2 - 3 mins read| July 02, 2024

Watching your baby grow can be both a happy and sad moment for parents.

Happy because you are seeing them hitting milestones—from speaking their first word to starting to crawl. But how you can help them get there is what really matters. But sad because you probably want them to stay as little and cute as they are.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, most babies begin to crawl within 7–10 months of age. This may vary from baby to baby—some might start early and some a little later. And it’s important, as it forms a big step towards walking. 

Read below this article to explore some of the most helpful tips on how you can encourage crawling.

Lots of Tummy Time

Did you know tummy time is an essential aspect of building muscles, which are needed for crawling? Therefore, it is recommended to take frequent tummy time sessions throughout the day. And it doesn’t have to be boring. Lie down on your baby’s side, make funny faces and noises, and turn tummy time into a fun session. Nevertheless, babies love interacting with their parents.

A Safe Environment

The importance of having a safe environment can never be stressed enough. It is also an important aspect when it comes to encouraging crawling in babies. It is essential that babies get a safe place free from sharp objects where they can practice crawling. Set up some soft and cushiony carpets and arrange some of your baby’s favorite toys in a manner that is just out of their reach. Eventually, they will try to grab those toys and, thus, move forward. 

A Mirror Will Do Wonders

Babies love adoring them in mirrors. So it’s probably time to place a mirror right at his level so he can watch himself during tummy time. To add some drama, talk to your baby in the mirror and give it a fun twist. In fact, babies get so intrigued by their own reflection that they might get encouraged to crawl and move forward to have a close look at ‘the baby in the mirror.’

Crawl With Your Baby

Babies learn quite fast from their parents. So, you now need to get down on the floor and show your baby how crawling is done. Since babies love imitating people around them, why not have a little crawl race and turn the moment into a forever memorable one? The only thing you must remember is to be prepared to lose. After all, babies are surprisingly faster than you think.

Fun With The Tunnel

It’s time to make learning to crawl into an adventure fun. Set up some chairs and tables to form a tunnel-like structure. Tunnels are motivating enough for babies to practice crawling through them. You may even reward them with a plushie and place it at the end of the tunnel so they get intrigued by the idea of grasping their favorite plush toy. This activity is not just great for encouraging crawling but also for improving coordination skills.

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