Which Baby Names are going to be Famous in 2023?

By Sneha Pillai|3 - 4 mins read| April 09, 2024

Do you have a baby on the way? Or someone in your family is due sooner? We know names can be one competitive task where everyone in the family has a suggestion. Every day a new life is born and parents try to find the best name for their kid, be it a boy or a girl. Many Indian Couples, try to attempt the best mixture of traditional and modern names to make it unique but we know that’s a TASK!

Many parents want the names to be such that becomes highly trendy and famous later, believe it or not, Baby Name is a mission. When my sister was due with her first baby, we had a long list of names sorted out where both Father and Mother could hardly agree upon anyone. We even asked our relatives and Google for suggestions. We all were happily investing our good time and effort in creating a potential list. You can also explore more baby names using The ParentZ Baby Name Finder and create your own favourite baby name list.

Many celebrity kids’ names gave us the thought of ‘Oh So Cool’, to make it a bit easier for the dear parents and their families we thought of creating a list of some of the most potential names that are going to be famous in 2023.

  • Aadhya- This name resembles Goddess Durga.
  • Anika- Grace
  • Advik- Unique
  • Anay- Also refers to Lord Vishnu
  • Aamya- Soft, Night Rain
  • Aranya- Forest, Prosperity or Fertility
  • Alaia/Alaya- In Arabic it means Sublime
  • Arhaan- Emperor
  • Atira- It’s a native American name that signifies Goddess Earth
  • Bina- The traditional Indian Musical Instrument
  • Bhavin- A winner
  • Bhamini- Glorious or Beautiful
  • Chaya- Shadow
  • Carina- Beloved; Friend
  • Darshit- To Pay Respect
  • Divij- Celestial
  • Dira- Derived from Indira also another name for Goddess Lakshmi
  • Devansh- A part of God
  • Fikham- Great
  • Gaurika- A beautiful young girl
  • Grahil- Another name for Lord Krishna
  • Harida- Pure
  • Hiya- Heart or happiness
  • Hridaan: Great heart
  • Jivin- To give life
  • Kiaan: The king
  • Kashvi- Bright, Shining or Glowing
  • Lakshit- Targeted
  • Lishan- Defender of Mankind
  • Miraan- Princely
  • Maanas- Mind, Brilliant, Spiritual thought, Human being, Heart intellect, Soul, Desire
  • Naitee- Little Gift, Destiny
  • Nysa- A Greek word refers to New Beginning
  • Ojas- Beautiful Energy
  • Prerak: Someone who encourages
  • Paran- Refers to Glory
  • Riaan: Little king
  • Nakul- Mongoose or Lord Shiva, or A musical instrument
  • Prisha- Beloved Gift of God
  • Ranak- Ruler, Warrior
  • Stuvan- To Praise
  • Zeeshan: Strength
  • Zuber- Refers to Purity
  • Ziva- Its a Persian word that means Beauty

With so many choices obviously, confusion is bound to occur but they are some of the best picks we have. Though choosing a name for a baby can be a very personal choice, and many parents prefer using their name combinations as well for the little ones; we still think you can refer to the options above. As there is a saying, “A name represents identity, a deep feeling and holds tremendous significance to its owner.” So, make a wise choice and we hope these options are insightful for you.

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