Why Career counseling is Important for Kids?

By Sharmila S|2 - 3 mins read| March 13, 2023

Let’s not give wings to our kids… Let’s give them the ability to make wings….

What is a career?

Career is an individual’s journey through learning, work and other aspects of life. In this fast growing world, one must be smart enough to choose a unique career. Unless people know that he is different, he will not be given a chance to be a leader. Unlike the past, today, universities are offering numerous courses. There are a variety of career options available and this often leaves the students bewildered; they can’t decide what they want to do. Many times when we question students why they have picked a particular course, they seldom say that it’s because they are really passionate about the course. They just choose it for imbecile reasons. Students often try to follow their friends or they are pressurized by parents to pick up a specific field. Eventually in the long run, they are dissatisfied with what they are doing. Thus, Career counseling plays a major role in this context.

Career counseling is not only important for students but for the parents as well. They need to understand what their child actually likes, what she or he is interested in and then support their decision. It’s important to understand that not everyone is cut out to be an engineer or a doctor. If a child chooses a career path, which doesn’t align with his/her interests and ability, it will only lead to dissatisfaction in the long run.

Career counseling starts right from class 10th. It starts with guiding the students about picking the right stream in class 11th to help them choose the right courses after class 12th. Career counseling doesn’t just stop at school. It’s even needed for students in colleges and universities; they need guidance on what specializations they should pick up or what course they should go for, in their Master’s. When students reach college/university, they are more matured; their personality also changes a bit. Since they are out of the protected environment and undertake various activities/internships in college, their interests might change and they need an evaluation on what’s the best next step for them!

Many people are not aware that choosing the right subjects, courses, careers or jobs is a SCIENTIFIC PROCESS that can be arrived at by using certain scientific tools like psychometric tests and mapping a person’s personal profile. Going through psychology based career assessment and guidance helps you to take a logical decision and find what profession suits you the best.

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