Why Do Kids Want to Do the Same Thing Over and Over?

By Bhagyasree Saha|3 - 4 mins read| March 13, 2023

Have you ever wondered how your child can actually watch that cartoon show again and again without getting bored? Do you get bored while watching the same movie with your toddler while he doesn’t? Well, it is an impressive question as to why kids love repetition? Does your toddler often ask you to ‘do it all over again’ when you have jumped for the hundredth time? Well, there is an essential reason why kids love repetition and it is imperative for the parents to be aware of this reason. Let us shed some light on this crucial reason behind kids’ immense love for repetition.

Why Your Kid wants to do the same activity over and over again

Repetition Helps Toddlers Fight Forgetfulness

Repetition in children’s play lends them a helping hand in winning the fight against forgetfulness. After all, this is what we as adults also do. Isn’t it? Whether it is learning a new brand skill or playing a new instrument takes practice. For the toddler, getting introduced to a new skill is exciting, and they wouldn’t miss a chance to get pro in these activities. Thus, interestingly, a toddler does the same thing over and over again to get accustomed to a new activity.

Repetition Forms Base Of Learning

As per many experts dealing with toddlers, repetition, often forms an imperative foundation of different aspects of learning. As per experts, a baby needs to repeat a word 1,000 times to learn the said word while a toddler needs 50 repetitions to master the word. As a parent, you can help the toddler by getting involved with them. Do not shy away from reading the same story again and again or singing the same song again and again.

Repetition Plays An Important Role In Toddler’s Development

Experts often see an important role of repetition in toddler’s skill developments. When these toddlers learn a new skill and gain mastery over it through repetition, they feel good. When they master a new song or a new game, they feel more confident and they feel happy. This also contributes majorly to the toddler’s whole personality development.

Repetitions Make Them Feel Confident

When a toddler does the same thing over and over again, he feels confident as mentioned in the point above. Also, the kid feels strong enough to take over more onerous tasks which can take them far on the path of learning. They learn how to acquire a new and practical skill, and they are also aware of the fact that even if they learn a skill in one go, they can learn it gradually through repetition. This satisfaction quotient definitely assists them in moving ahead with confidence for later learning stages, be it schooling or beyond.

Repetition Helps Them Feel Secure

Familiarity with things makes adults feel safe, then how can toddlers be different? This is an exciting aspect of witnessing repetition in children’s play activities. Knowing what will come next makes them feel empowered and safe to take on the learning world. Amidst so many insecurities and uncertainties, repetition contributes majorly in making toddlers strong and confident.

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