7 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Use Social Media

By Kanika Gautam|3 - 4 mins read| April 09, 2024

Most parents today are worried about their child’s exposure or rather over exposure to social media. There is that constant nagging fear that the child will be open to cyber bullying or post inappropriate pictures or posts. There is no dearth of stories about online sexual predators too. Social media addiction is also a very real fear that parents apprehend. Parents rightly tend to be wary of their child’s social media habits. But every coin has two sides. It is important that you are aware of both. You can also Read Is TikTok Safe For Kids?

Social media benefits and risks for kids

The media and self-proclaimed pundits have been very vocal about the negative effects of social media, like depression, anxiety, Fear of missing out, addiction and the like. But very few people will discuss the positives of being on social media. Read 7 Reasons Why Parents Should Allow Their Kids to Use Social Media Platforms

  1. Social media broadens your child’s horizons. The child is exposed to a veritable smorgasbord of cultural and ethnic experiences from across the globe. It makes the child more tolerant about socio-cultural beliefs and religion. Introverts can shed their hesitation and befriend people virtually. Social media is good for kids who are painfully shy.
  2. Many a time children have interests that are not common in their area. Social media allows them to form a community. For example if your child enjoys hip-hop dance, she will be able to find a group online which shares her interest.
  3. Social media can hence boost self-confidence and self-esteem in children. When they find appreciation online they feel validated and get the incentive to do more. There could be an issue if that fails to happen, so it is important for the parent to keep a track and counsel the child accordingly.
  4. Social media channels like YouTube can be a source of information. The child can learn a host of things absolutely free. If the freedom to learn is given to the child, she can imbibe many crafts, music, and DIY stuff online. The time is of the child’s choice and so is the place. All it needs is a system or a smart phone.
  5. Your child can actually learn business on social media platforms. For example if your child is a baker, she can advertise and even sell her goods from a Facebook page or an Instagram post. There is hardly any cost and it allows the child to explore a whole new experience. Their hobbies could get more creative and even a career path for the future. Entrepreneurial skills are built over a period of time in this way.
  6. Your child can be exposed to social causes over the social media network. She can take a stand and even contribute to spread social awareness. This is a good way to make the child socially responsible and aware. Social media can be the place where your child learns moral responsibility.
  7. The modern world has seen a host of talented musicians, presenters, comedy enthusiasts find a career online. There are many YouTubers who have adopted this career and have made millions out of it. It is also a way to a career in glamour and fame.

As with any other thing that your child is exposed to, you have to be careful of the social media usage. It has both negative and positive connotations. It is important that you monitor the exposure your child has and ensure that she uses the medium safely. Teach her the safety protocols rather than stop her from being on social media. Lack of social media presence in today’s internet driven world can create a feeling of isolation in your child. Use the power of the medium carefully and benefit.

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