What does the name Alena mean? What is the meaning of the name Alena?

Meaning of Alena: Name Alena means Light. Name Alena is a Girl name.

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Famous people with name Alena (Namesakes)

  1. Alena Šeredová

    Alena Šeredová (Czech pronunciation: [ˈalɛna ˈʃɛrɛdovaː]; born 21 March 1978 Prague) is a Czech model and actress currently living and working in Italy.

  2. Alena Sharp

    Alena Sharp (born March 7, 1981) is a Canadian professional golfer currently playing on the LPGA Tour.

  3. Alena Leonova

    Alena Igorevna Leonova (Russian: Алёна Игоревна Леонова; born 23 November 1990) is a Russian figure skater.

  4. Alena Zavarzina

    Alena Igorevna Zavarzina (Russian: Алёна Игоревна Заварзина; born 27 May 1989) is a Russian snowboarder specializing in parallel slalom and parallel giant slalom disciplines.

  5. Alena Shishkova

    Alena Shishkova (Russian: Алёна Шишкова, pronounced [ɐˈlʲɵnə ʂɨʂˈkovə]; born 12 November 1992) is a Russian glamour model and beauty queen.

  6. Alena Konečná

    Alena Konečná (born 27 May 1984) is a road cyclist from Czech Republic.

  7. Alena Ivanova

    Alena Ivanova (née Omelchenko, born (1989-06-19)19 June 1989) is a Kazakhstani volleyball player.

  8. Alena Popova

    Alena Popova (born (1997-03-21)21 March 1997) is a Kazakhstani female volleyball player.

  9. Alena Furman

    Alena Furman (née Kryvasheyenka, born 8 May 1991) is a Belarusian rower.

  10. Alena Mihulová

    Alena Mihulová (born 4 May 1965) is a Czech film and television actress.

  11. Alena Vránová

    Alena Vránová (born 30 July 1932) is a Czech film and theatre actress.

  12. Alena Kostornaia

    Alena Sergeyevna Kostornaia (Russian: Алёна Сергеевна Косторная, born 24 August 2003) is a Russian figure skater.

  13. Alena Schillerová

    Alena Schillerová (born 18 March 1964) is a Czech politician and lawyer who currently serves as Minister of Finance in the government of the Prime Minister Andrej Babiš.

  14. Alena Kanysheva

    Alena Dmitrievna Kanysheva Russian: Алёна Дмитриевна Канышева (born 15 June 2005) is a Russian figure skater.

  15. Alena Anisim

    Alena Nikolaevna Anisim (Belarusian: Але́на Мікала́еўна Ані́сім; born 28 September 1962) is a Belarusian politician and member of the House of Representatives of Belarus, the lower house of the National Assembly of Belarus.

  16. Alena Černáková

    Alena Černáková (born 8 August 1961) is a Czech gymnast.

  17. Alena Andreeva

    Alena Sergeyevna Andreeva (Russian: Алёна Сергеевна Андреева; born 21 November 1997) is a Russian footballer who plays as a forward and has appeared for the Russia women's national team.

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Krittika Nakshatra (Birth Star) - Characteristics and Details

Pythagorean Numerology (Western Numerology) - 6

Baby Name Alena Numerology: Name Alena has a number value of 6 as per Pythagorean Numerology (Western Numerology), its advised that you also calculate 'number value' of name by entering full name in our Name Numerology Calculator.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about name Alena

What is the meaning of Alena?
Name Alena means Light as per The ParentZ Baby Name Finder, largest baby names list. Learn more Alena Name Meaning and Origin.
What is the numerology of baby name Alena?
Name Alena has numerology 6 as per The ParentZ.
What is the Nakshatra of Alena?
Name Alena belongs to Krittika nakshatra based on Indian Astrology or Janam Nakshatra as per the information available on The ParentZ.
What does Alena mean?
Name Alena means Light as per The ParentZ
What is the meaning and origin of the baby name Alena?
Alena means Light and is a name given to Girls as per The ParentZ
How can I suggest alternate meaning of the name Alena?
You can use our suggest meaning and origin form to suggest alternate meaning of the name Alena.