What does the name Costa mean? What is the meaning of the name Costa?

Meaning of Costa: Name Costa in the Greek origin, means Firm; Secure; Stable; Steadfast. Name Costa is of Greek origin and is a Boy name. People with name Costa are usually by religion.

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Firm; Secure; Stable; Steadfast
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Famous people with name Costa (Namesakes)

  1. Costa-Gavras

    Costa-Gavras (short for Konstantinos Gavras; Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Γαβράς; born 12 February 1933) is a Greek-French film director and producer who lives and works in France.

  2. Rui Costa

    Rui Manuel César Costa OIH (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʁuj ˈkɔʃtɐ]; born 29 March 1972) is a Portuguese retired professional footballer.

  3. António Costa

    António Luís Santos da Costa GCIH (born 17 July 1961) is a Portuguese lawyer and politician serving as the 119th and current Prime Minister of Portugal since 26 November 2015, presiding over the XXI (2015–2019) and XXII Constitutional Governments (2019–present).

  4. Jim Costa

    James Manuel Costa, (born April 13, 1952) is the U.S. Representative for California's 16th congressional district, serving as a Democrat in Congress since 2013, having previously represented California's 20th congressional district from 2005 to 2013.

  5. Gal Costa

    Gal Costa (born Maria da Graça Costa Penna Burgos on 26 September 1945) is a Brazilian singer of popular music.

  6. Pedro Costa

    Pedro Costa (born 30 December 1958) is a Portuguese film director.

  7. Nikka Costa

    Domenica "Nikka" Costa (born June 4, 1972) is an American singer whose music combines elements of pop, soul, and blues.

  8. Antony Costa

    Antony Daniel Costa (born 23 June 1981) is an English singer-songwriter and actor.

  9. Mary Costa

    Mary Costa (born April 5, 1930) is an American opera singer and actress.

  10. Diego Costa

    Diego da Silva Costa (Spanish: [ˈdjeɣo ða ˈsilβa ˈkosta], Portuguese: [ˈdʒjeɡu dɐ ˈsiwvɐ ˈkɔstɐ]; born 7 October 1988) is a professional footballer who plays as a striker for Spanish club Atlético Madrid and the Spain national team.

  11. Costas Costa

    Costas Costa (Greek: Κώστας Κώστα) (born January 4, 1969) is a former international Cypriot football midfielder.

  12. Douglas Costa

    Douglas Costa de Souza (Brazilian Portuguese: [ˈdowɡlɐs ˈkɔstɐ]; born 14 September 1990) is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a winger for Serie A club Juventus and the Brazil national team.

  13. Tino Costa

    Alberto Facundo "Tino" Costa (born 9 January 1985) is an Argentinian footballer.

  14. Costa Georgiadis

    Costa Georgiadis, often referred to by the mononym Costa, is an Australian landscape architect and television presenter.

  15. Javi Costa

    Javier 'Javi' Costa Estirado (born 18 April 1997 in Almazora, Castellón, Valencia) is a Spanish footballer who plays for CF Borriol in Tercera División, as a right defender.

  16. Billy Costa

    Billy Costa (born December 24, 1951) is an American radio and television host in the Boston area.

  17. La Costa

    LaCosta Tucker (born December 12, 1951) is an American country music artist who recorded in the 1970s and 1980s as La Costa.

  18. Costa Ronin

    Costa Ronin (Russian: Костя Ро́нин; born 3 February 1979) is a Russian-born New Zealand actor and cinematographer, best known for appearances in Red Dog, as Gregorovich on the SBS drama East West 101, as Oleg Igorevich Burov in the FX drama The Americans and as Yevgeny Gromov on Homeland.

  19. Laia Costa

  20. Paulo Costa (fighter)

    Paulo Henrique Costa (born April 21, 1991), also known as The Eraser, is a Brazilian mixed martial artist currently competing in the middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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Pythagorean Numerology (Western Numerology) - 4

Baby Name Costa Numerology: Name Costa has a number value of 4 as per Pythagorean Numerology (Western Numerology), its advised that you also calculate 'number value' of name by entering full name in our Name Numerology Calculator.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about name Costa

What is the meaning of Costa?
Name Costa means Firm; Secure; Stable; Steadfast as per The ParentZ Baby Name Finder, largest baby names list. Learn more Costa Name Meaning and Origin.
What is the numerology of baby name Costa?
Name Costa has numerology 8 as per The ParentZ.
What does Costa mean?
Name Costa means Firm; Secure; Stable; Steadfast as per The ParentZ
What is the meaning and origin of the baby name Costa?
Costa means Firm; Secure; Stable; Steadfast and is a Greek name given to Boys as per The ParentZ
How can I suggest alternate meaning of the name Costa?
You can use our suggest meaning and origin form to suggest alternate meaning of the name Costa.