What does the name Costello mean? What is the meaning of the name Costello?

Meaning of Costello: Name Costello in the Norman origin, means Son of Oisdealbhaigh. Name Costello is of Norman origin and is a Boy name. People with name Costello are usually Christianity by religion.

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Son of Oisdealbhaigh
1 word with 8 characters
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Famous people with name Costello (Namesakes)

  1. Elvis Costello

    Declan Patrick MacManus, OBE (born 25 August 1954), known professionally as Elvis Costello, is an English post-punk singer-songwriter.

  2. Peter Costello

    Peter Howard Costello, AC (born 14 August 1957), is a former Australian politician and lawyer who served as the Treasurer in the Australian Howard Government from 1996 to 2007.

  3. Jerry Costello

    Jeremy Francis 'Jerry' Costello (born September 25, 1949) is the former U.S. Representative for Illinois's 12th congressional district.

  4. Tim Costello

    Timothy Ewen "Tim" Costello AO (born 4 March 1955) is an Australian Baptist minister and the current Chief Advocate of World Vision Australia.

  5. Victor Costello

  6. Carol Costello

    Carol Costello (born October 11, 1961) is an American television commentator and former host of CNN Newsroom.

  7. Michael A. Costello

    Michael A. Costello (born May 5, 1965 in Lynn, Massachusetts) is a former State Representative for the Massachusetts House of Representatives, who represented the first district of Essex County, Massachusetts.

  8. Mariclare Costello

    Mariclare Costello (born February 3, 1936) is an American television, stage, and movie actress.

  9. Rich Costello

    Richard Anthony "Rich" Costello (born June 27, 1963) is a retired American professional ice hockey player.

  10. Maria Costello

    Maria Costello MBE (born 9 June 1973, Northampton, England) from Spratton in Northamptonshire, is a British motorcycle racer who held the Guinness World Record for being the fastest woman to lap the Isle of Man TT course at an average speed of 114.73 mph until Jenny Tinmouth took the record at the 2009 TT.

    Costello was the first woman (solo racer) in the history of the Isle of Man motorcycle races to stand on the podium when she took third place in the Ultra Lightweight category of the 2005 Manx Grand Prix.

  11. Tom Costello (journalist)

    Thomas Eugene "Tom" Costello (born December 9, 1963) is an American journalist and correspondent for NBC News, based in Washington, D.C. His reports appear across NBC News platforms, including online, The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, and CNBC. His portfolio of coverage includes aviation and transportation, NASA, consumer and regulatory issues, business and economics.

  12. Mia Costello

    Mia C. Costello (born January 11, 1968) is a Republican member of the Alaska Senate from District K. She previously served from 2011 to 2015 in the Alaska House of Representatives, representing the 20th District.

  13. Fred Costello

    Fredrick W. "Fred" Costello (born February 9, 1950) is an American Dentist and Republican Party Politician who served as a member of the Florida House of Representatives, representing the 25th District, which consists of eastern Volusia County, including Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, Port Orange, Ponce Inlet, and New Smyrna Beach, since 2014.

  14. Ryan Costello

    Ryan Anthony Costello (born September 7, 1976) is an American attorney and politician from the state of Pennsylvania.

  15. Cormac Costello

    Cormac Costello (born 18 July 1994) is a Gaelic football forward for Dublin, with whom he has won three All-Ireland Senior Football Championship medals and four National Football League medals.

  16. Anthony Costello

    Anthony Costello (born 20 February 1953) is a British paediatrician.

  17. Matt Costello

    Matthew Tyler Costello (born August 5, 1993) is an American professional basketball player for Herbalife Gran Canaria of the Liga ACB. He played college basketball for Michigan State.

  18. Michael Costello (fashion designer)

    Michael Costello (born January 20, 1983) is an American fashion designer and reality television personality.

  19. K. J. Costello

    Kevin Richard Costello (born June 7, 1997) is an American football quarterback for the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

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Pythagorean Numerology (Western Numerology) - 11

Baby Name Costello Numerology: Name Costello has a number value of 11 as per Pythagorean Numerology (Western Numerology), its advised that you also calculate 'number value' of name by entering full name in our Name Numerology Calculator.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about name Costello

What is the meaning of Costello?
Name Costello means Son of Oisdealbhaigh as per The ParentZ Baby Name Finder, largest baby names list. Learn more Costello Name Meaning and Origin.
What is the numerology of baby name Costello?
Name Costello has numerology 7 as per The ParentZ.
What does Costello mean?
Name Costello means Son of Oisdealbhaigh as per The ParentZ
What is the meaning and origin of the baby name Costello?
Costello means Son of Oisdealbhaigh and is a Norman name given to Boys as per The ParentZ
How can I suggest alternate meaning of the name Costello?
You can use our suggest meaning and origin form to suggest alternate meaning of the name Costello.
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