What does the name Hobbs mean? What is the meaning of the name Hobbs?

Meaning of Hobbs: Name Hobbs in the English origin, means Son of Robert. Name Hobbs is of English origin and is a Boy name. People with name Hobbs are usually Hindu by religion.

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Son of Robert
1 word with 5 characters
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Famous people with name Hobbs (Namesakes)

  1. Leigh Hobbs

    Leigh Hobbs is an Australian artist and author.

  2. David Hobbs (racing driver)

    David Wishart Hobbs (born 9 June 1939 in Royal Leamington Spa, England) is a British former racing driver.

  3. Marian Hobbs

    Marian Leslie Hobbs (born 18 December 1947) is a former New Zealand politician who was a Labour Member of Parliament from 1996 to 2008.

  4. Jack Hobbs (footballer)

    Jack Hobbs (born 18 August 1988) is an English professional footballer who plays as a defender for EFL League One club Bolton Wanderers.

  5. Eddie Hobbs

    Eddie Hobbs (born 10 November 1962) is an Irish financial advisor, television presenter and author.

  6. Mary Anne Hobbs

    Mary Anne Hobbs (born 16 May 1964) is an English DJ and music journalist from Lancashire, England.

  7. Ellis Hobbs

    Ellis Hue Hobbs III (born May 16, 1983) is a former American football cornerback who played for six seasons in the National Football League.

  8. Howard Hobbs

    Howard William Thomas Hobbs (born 22 January 1950) is an Australian politician who represented the seat of Warrego in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland from 1 November 1986 until his retirement at the 31 January 2015 state election.

  9. Russel Hobbs

    Russel Hobbs is a fictional American musician, and member of the British virtual band Gorillaz.

  10. Chelsea Hobbs

    Chelsea Hobbs (born February 18, 1985) is a Canadian actress.

  11. Darwin Hobbs

    Darwin Todd Hobbs (born November 30, 1968) is an American gospel music singer noted for his vocal similarity to classic soul singers Luther Vandross, Freddie Jackson and Lou Rawls.

  12. Terrance Hobbs

    Terrance Hobbs (born April 6, 1970) is an American musician and the lead guitarist in the American death metal band Suffocation.

  13. Kevin Hobbs

    Kevin Hobbs (born April 30, 1983 in Tampa, Florida) is a former American football cornerback.

  14. Becky Hobbs

    Becky Hobbs (born January 24, 1950 in Bartlesville, Oklahoma) is an American country singer, songwriter and pianist.

  15. Will Hobbs

    Will Hobbs is the author of twenty novels for upper elementary, middle school and young adult readers, as well as two picture book stories.

  16. John Hobbs (baseball)

    John Douglas "Jack" Hobbs (born November 11, 1956) is a former Major League Baseball pitcher who played for the Minnesota Twins in 1981.

  17. Gene Hobbs

    Eugene Weston Hobbs II, known as Gene Hobbs (born November 28, 1973) is an American technical diver and founding board member of the non-profit Rubicon Foundation.

  18. Katie Hobbs

    Kathleen M. Hobbs (born December 28, 1969) is an American social worker serving as the Secretary of State of Arizona.

  19. Braydon Hobbs

    Braydon Alexander Hobbs (born May 17, 1989) is an American professional basketball player for EWE Baskets Oldenburg of the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL).

  20. Nicola Hobbs

    Nicola Hobbs (born 10 May 1987) is an English footballer who last signed as a goalkeeper for Sheffield United ahead of the 2018/2019 FA WSL 2 season.

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Pushya Nakshatra (Birth Star) - Characteristics and Details

Pythagorean Numerology (Western Numerology) - 1

Baby Name Hobbs Numerology: Name Hobbs has a number value of 1 as per Pythagorean Numerology (Western Numerology), its advised that you also calculate 'number value' of name by entering full name in our Name Numerology Calculator.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about name Hobbs

What is the meaning of Hobbs?
Name Hobbs means Son of Robert as per The ParentZ Baby Name Finder, largest baby names list. Learn more Hobbs Name Meaning and Origin.
What is the numerology of baby name Hobbs?
Name Hobbs has numerology 4 as per The ParentZ.
What is the Nakshatra of Hobbs?
Name Hobbs belongs to Pushya nakshatra based on Indian Astrology or Janam Nakshatra as per the information available on The ParentZ.
What does Hobbs mean?
Name Hobbs means Son of Robert as per The ParentZ
What is the meaning and origin of the baby name Hobbs?
Hobbs means Son of Robert and is a English name given to Boys as per The ParentZ
How can I suggest alternate meaning of the name Hobbs?
You can use our suggest meaning and origin form to suggest alternate meaning of the name Hobbs.