10 Easy And Fun Things To Do At Home To Keep Your Kids Engaged

By Harita Patil|3 - 4 mins read| December 26, 2023

Keeping your kids engaged is definitely an overwhelming yet rewarding experience for all parents. Whether you’re looking for ideas to keep your little ones entertained during a summer break, a rainy day or simply to create a stronger bond with them, there are hundreds of ways to let your child explore their creativity at the comfort of their home. Read below this article to find out ten easy and fun things you can do along with your kids to turn your home into a hub for creativity and fun for your young ones. 

1. Crafts and art

Encourage your child’s creativity. Give your child age-appropriate art and craft supplies, and engage him in activities that are appropriate for his aptitude and skill level. Encourage him to continue honing his craft. Don’t anticipate excellence. Instead, appreciate his efforts and support his artistic expression.

2. Play some bowling inside.

It is a fantastic way to recycle water bottles and you may also get a set of indoor bowling). In your living room or hallway, arrange six to ten water bottles in a row. At the starting line, lay a line of duct tape. Start bowling with a medium-sized indoor ball! If you like, keep score and award prizes at the conclusion.

3. Cleaning and cooking

Younger kids can assist with rolling out their own rotis and cleaning vegetables while you prepare. Even cooking can be done with the assistance of older kids. The secret is to involve them in menu and shopping planning. Encourage more mature kids to explore cooking.

4. Serious reflection

The brain needs to be challenged on occasion to stay strong, healthy, and expanding. To keep them interested and make them feel successful, choose problems that are within their capabilities. They won’t want to attempt it if it’s too hard, and They’ll become bored if it’s too easy.

5. Investigating and experimenting

Give your youngster the chance to experiment and explore various concepts and materials. Several options to consider:

  • In the kitchen, there is a lot of room for experimenting, including trying out new recipes and coming up with original ones.
  • Get your kid some exploration kits for science, engineering, and technology.
  • Give your youngster some recyclable materials and watch what fresh creations they come up with.

6. Build a dollhouse out of cardboard.

Make your own dollhouse, as complex or straightforward as you wish. We’ve got instructions for one where you can play around and divide up the “apartments” however you wish.

7. Make a pinwheel of your own

A breeze is ideal for enjoying this easy craft, but a fan will also do the trick.

8. Construct a mobile art easel

Please don’t discard that cardboard box! For your miniature Monet, construct a reliable, portable art easel.

9. Create a soothing jar.

These simple, relaxing jars will aid in the calming and relaxation of your children. To assist your children in finding inner peace, all you need is hand soap, water, and a small quantity of glitter and beads. 

10. Create a seasonal tree.

Do you have some leftover cupcake liners? This paper tree project can be used to create decorations for many holidays throughout the year depending on their hues.


In the hustle of daily lives, parents often overlook the fact that spending quality time with your little ones is an important part. This article highlights a few fun ideas that will let you bond with your kids, cherish their creativity, and keeping them engaged at the same time. And remember the joy of these shared moments- from baking to embarking on a treasure hunt, its the love and time you invest that matters. Happy parenting!

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