20 Baby Names With Their Meanings

By Samridhi|2 - 3 mins read| September 28, 2023

Naming a baby is tougher than being a parent. In fact, it is the first challenge that you will be facing as parenthood begins. While a few parents settle for a “Lucy” or a “Rob”, some parents invest a lot of thought behind naming their babies. So delve deeper.

Baby boy’s names with their meaning

So make some way for the boss-baby. Your baby boy has arrived, and it’s time you give yourself under their rule. But what will you call him? Here are some names that you might like

  • Anson- This name means “strong or breadwinner”. 
  • Armando- It means an army man. 
  • Barron- The meaning of this name is a warrior. 
  • David- “Beloved” is a perfect name to name your beloved child. 
  • Christian- If you are a believer in Christianity, this name will be among your favorites. The meaning of this name is “follower of Christ”. 
  • Harry- A favorite for Potter heads. The meaning of this name is “home ruler”. 
  • Leo- This name is usually a short form of the name Leonardo. The meaning of this name is “brave” and “brave like a lion”. What better than to name your little lion Leo. 
  • Nathan- The meaning of this name is “the one who gives”. 
  • Oliver- This name is a classic name. The meaning of this name is “dignity is beauty”. 
  • Timothy- This name means “honoring God”. Nicknames like Tim or Timmy can be used for this name. 

Baby girl’s names with their meanings 

Drumrolls or your little princess. Having a baby girl in your arms is like holding a feather. And no matter what, they deserve your service at any cost. If you are ready to get ruled under your princess, here are a few baby girl’s names that you might like. 

  • Amelia- The meaning of this name is “industrious. 
  • Sophia- The name originated in Greece. The meaning of this name is “wisdom”. 
  • Elizabeth- The meaning of this name is “God is my oath”.
  • Layla- The meaning of this name is as sweet as the sound of it, “the beauty of the night”. 
  • Luna- If you thought that Luna Lovegood was indeed the most amazing character in Harry Potter, naming your baby the same will do justice. The meaning of the name is “moon”.
  • Zoey- The little name means “life”. And indeed, your little princess is your Zoey!
  • Nora- This name is a famous Irish name. The name means “shining light”. 
  • Isabella- This name is very common but never out of the market! People continue to name their babies Isabella as it is a beautiful name. The meaning of this name is “pledged to God”. 
  • Charlotte- The meaning of this name is “free person”. This name will teach you that you should never restrict your baby and let them be free. 
  •  Emma- Right from the day the novel by Jane Austen was released by the same name, “Emma”, people have not stopped naming their babies by this name. The meaning of this name is “universal”. 

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