5 Adorable Mother’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids

By Samridhi|3 - 4 mins read| December 27, 2023

What better than Mother’s Day to celebrate and appreciate the love, care, and presence of mothers? Handmade crafts could be a heartfelt surprise for all moms. And, crafting with kids will not only let them learn new things but will also give them the opportunity to express their love and gratitude for their moms. From handprint flower bouquets to handcrafted greeting cards, these Mother’s day craft ideas will certainly create unforgettable memories on the special day. Explore this article and discover five adorable gifting ideas for moms. 

Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Handprint Flower Bouquet

For this, gather up some colored construction papers, acrylic paints, paint brushes, scissors, glue and a ribbon. Next, ask your child to create designs using acrylic paint on the colored papers and leave them to dry. Cut the paper in the form of flower petals and glue them together to form a bouquet. Now add a green colored stem to the flowers which could easily be made using a green colored construction paper. Tie a ribbon and the handprinted flower bouquet is ready to surprise moms.

Fingerprint Heart Art

To create a fingerprint heart art, you will need canvas or white cardstocks, and acrylic paints. Let your kid dip his fingers in the paint and create a beautiful heart shape by pressing their fingers on the surface. Let them create the artwork using a variety of colours and sizes of fingerprints and allow it to dry completely. Add a frame to make it even more special. 

Photo Collage Frame

A photo collage frame is another fantastic crafting idea that will surely turn out to be a heartwarming gift for mothers. For this, you will need several family photos, glue and a wooden frame. Help your child arrange the photos in the frame and decorate it using markers and stickers. Let it dry completely and it’s ready to hold a special position in the mother’s room.

Handcrafted Greeting Card

All you need to create a greeting card is a few cardstocks or construction paper, markers, crayons, stickers, glitters, glue, and other decorative items. Fold the construction paper in half to create a card and let your child use his creativity to decorate the card with his imaginative ideas. You can also help him add a sweet message to the card to make the day more special.

Love Coupon Book

A love coupon booklet is the perfect idea that you can choose if you’re looking to make something unique. Gather up some colored cardstocks, markers, crayons and a ribbon. Help your child cut the cardstocks in the form of rectangular coupons with sweet, little promises, such as “Breakfast in bed,” “One free hug” inscribed on them. Once all the coupons are ready, stack them together with the help of a ribbon. It’s all ready to be presented.


The above article lists some of the most adorable craft ideas that are not only fun and exciting but are a wonderful way for kids to show their love and appreciation towards their moms. Gather up the supplies and let your child dedicate his time and efforts to create something special to turn this Mother’s day a memorable one for both the beloved moms and the child.

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