5 Fun Pumpkin Painting Ideas For Your Kids

By Harita Patil|2 - 3 mins read| December 20, 2023

For younger participants who aren’t quite ready to use a sharp knife, carving pumpkins can be a messy pastime. Over time, adding faces on pumpkins has gained popularity as an alternative. This method is secure and less messy; it’s excellent for crafty families who only need a few pieces of art equipment!

Read on to learn the greatest pumpkin painting ideas if you’re having trouble coming up with a creative method to decorate your pumpkin this Halloween season. With hundreds of options for pumpkin painting designs; discover the top five quick and fun ideas that you can easily enjoy along with your little ones.

1. Witch Pumpkin Painting

Create a cute wicked witch! Paint the pumpkin green and let it fully dry to create this witch.

Tissue paper (napkins) is used for the hair; felt would also work well. If you plan to display the pumpkin inside, you can construct the hat out of paper; otherwise, we advise buying (or making) one from a store. With this pumpkin painting design, add a green pom-pom for the nose, which, in our opinion, makes all the difference.

2. Applying Paint

You must attempt to squeeze paint once you’ve tried basic painting! It’s so simple and enjoyable for kids to squeeze bottles. Simply allow your youngster to splash paint onto the pumpkin so that it drips and combines with different hues.

3. Adding glitter to watercolours

Acrylic paint thinned with glitter is another enjoyable painting option to explore. Glitter can be added while the paint is still wet if you paint or pour over the pumpkins. Given that youngsters tend to use glitter quite liberally, you might want to try this craft outside.

4. Smashing and decorating pumpkins

When the paint is dry, this craft is enjoyable! Put brass fasteners or golf tees into your pumpkin using a hammer or mallet. Kids love having the opportunity to hammer, and we adore the way polka dots look all over a pumpkin!

5. DIY Unicorn Pumpkin

Recently, unicorns have become very fashionable, and this extends to pumpkin carving. There are numerous ways to decorate them; we chose to paint the pumpkin white, add pink cheeks, and give it closed eyes (complete with lashes, of course).

The horn and ears are from an old Halloween unicorn costume hair hoop, and the mane is created out of tissue paper. To make things even more magical, add flower accents.


Pumpkin painting is a fantastic idea to try out this Halloween season. Explore the top five pumpkin painting ideas and give your child a memorable artistic experience. With this, you’re not just crafting art but crafting cherished memories. Happy painting!

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