Best Summer Activities for 6 to 12 Months Old Babies

By Neha Somani|4 - 5 mins read| March 24, 2023

Fun and engaging Simple summer activities for 6 to 12 month olds. Whosever said what six months old would want to do anyway have either not raised kids or have been living under a rock. Here’s how parents can indulge a their six to twelve month olds in some fun indoor activities during the scorching summers and make memories suggests Neha Somani. You can also read  Games Kids Can Play Alone – 7 Best Single Player Games For Kids or Fun Activities for Toddler (12-18 Months)

Summers sure are so much fun. The entire house begins to resemble a battle ground of sorts and parents are at their wits end trying to figure out how to keep the tiny devils engaged into fruitful activities. Even the little munchkins who have barely learnt how to crawl or walk want to have their way. Mammas and Daddas dare not intrude their fantasyland as their bodies biologically prepare and also propel them to explore their surroundings. We bring you indoor activities specially designed for the age group of six to twelve months. These games are not only exciting but also will also strengthen your bond with your kids.

Activities for Babies: 6 to 12 Months Old

Here are some fun ideas for Activities for 6-12 Month Old Babies:

1. Aqua Sensory Bath:

Babies totally adore their bath time and we can make the most of it by stimulating their senses as they have some fun in water. The investment is fairly basic. A bath-tub, some colorful balls, a yellow rubber ducky or rubbery sea animals like fish, whale, octopus, turtle or a dolphin. You can even add some plastic straws and a sponge to watch them freewheel in their tiny watery world.  also read Sensory Exploration for Young Children | Sensory Play Activities for Kids Development

2. Indoor obstacle Race:

Babies can learn a lot while crawling or as they are set to take their first real steps. Don your creative hat and convert your floor into a racing-track. Place pillows or folded blankets and bedsheets as hurdles and watch your babies crawl by. Applaud them when they overcome the hurdles. You can shower them with hugs and kisses to share your happiness and multiply their joy. You can place their favorite rattles or toys in between the play area as reinforcement too. Right before dinner, this activity could get your kids to work up quite an appetite.

3. Balloon Pool

It is obviously a herculean task blowing up so many balloons, but the reward that follows is immeasurable! You can invest in a pump to blow the balloons and also get hold of a table fan. Make sure that the fan is a safe distance and out of the reach of children. Scatter a bunch of balloons on the floor and Viola…watch them blow away. You can invite some other parents over for and throw a balloon pool party.

4. Play dough fun:

Let’s admit it, we all love playing with play the dough. I am not talking about rolling out parathas or chappatis. So mommas don’t roll your eyes. Let’s talk about getting a little messy and creative. Don’t fuss over non-toxic doughs, make your own play dough with the kids. You can add natural colours too. So create mountains, worms, flowers, snakes, horses, dolls, house etc. Like Einstien puts it, “Imagination is the purview of life’s coming attractions.”

5. Ziplock Picassos

Children of all age groups are enthralled by colors. Kids as young as eight months love to paint and can’t wait to lay their hands on brushes and crayons to turn into artists. Although their safety refrains us from giving them paint or even crayons for that matter. You can get hold of a ziplock bag and pour in different and contrasting water colours and seal the back shut. Now let the kids trace on the bag with their fingers. The colours and hues that they’ll witness will keep them engaged for a long time.

Set up a tent inside.

Whoever said that tents are meant for camping and outdoors only have never really snuggled inside them in their own homes with kids, their soft toys, dolls et all. When it’s just way too hot to play outside bringing the tent indoors can be just as fun. No tent? No problem. Here is the Indian Jugaad (innovation). Make a fort like structure with blankets or get hold of a starched cotton sari.
Happy playtime folks.

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