Fun Activities for 12-18 Month old kids (Toddler)

By Neha Somani|3 - 4 mins read| March 13, 2023

When kids hit the one year mark, they achieve a plethora of physical, mental and emotional milestones. The age group ranging from 12-18 months is an interesting period for both This is where you can step in to help them tap on their mighty and endless reservoir of energy and convert into something fruitful. You can also read Activity Ideas for Babies 6-12 months Old Babies focussing on the development of babies.

Summer is synonymous with outdoors, sprinklers, pool parties, desi barf-golas (popsicles), ice-creams, lemonades, adventures, nature trails, and a lot more fun. But there are some days when the heat just gets the better of you and all we and we have to stay inside.

There are plenty of exciting indoor activities, too, that involve more than just plopping the little ones in front of the television (even if it is watching cartoons).

Also, the journey of your child baby and toddler is far too short. Their first smile, the first laugh, the first tooth, the first roll will get replaced by their ability to hold eat with a fork and spoon or drink from a big cup all by themselves.

1. Animal Charades

Kids love dramatic people. And mummies and daddies get a chance to play various roles. And the fun part is you will get to exercise your face muscles too. Firstly, make a big list of animals with your kids. Cut the figures and toss them into a big bowl to create a fun game of animal charades. You can bring a variation to this game by switching to community helpers (police officer, doctor, sweeper, etc.), emotions (happy, sad, surprised, etc.). You can create a lot of fun categories.

2. Frozen Pops/ Gola:

Who doesn’t love a cool, refreshing frozen ice pop?! Pick up some of your kids’ favorite fruits and puree them. Try a strawberry yogurt ice pop — mash strawberries and add yogurt, scoop into ice pop molds or cups with sticks, freeze until solid, and enjoy. Watermelon is like an elixir in summers. You can even freeze an orange or a banana for a frosty treat.

3. Have a treasure hunt.

Gather up some toys and treats (try to include healthy treats) and hide them for your kid to find. You can make the treasure hunt even more fun by putting on some of their favorite peppy rhymes. Since they cannot really read, you can employ fun looking signage for them to traverse through the hunt.

4. Have a movie party.

You can invite some of your kids’ friends over for a movie party. Don’t worry Mammas can have a gala time here. Have each parent bring a fun snack (popcorn, ice pops made from real fruits because summers can be tough for kids too and they deserve some pampering. You can include home-made fruit-flavored yogurt, wheat or ragi pancakes, etc) and watch a kid-friendly flick together.

5. Homemade “Wagon”

Attach a 14–20 inch length of string or ribbon to a shoebox using a sturdy tape. Show your child how she can pull the string to make the box move. You can turn this activity into ‘learn with fun’ You can ask them to get a clean napkin kept on the bed to you in the kitchen area or deliver a note to dad or a grandparent in the other room. This will keep them on their toes which they love to be and also give them a sense of purpose.

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